Monday, February 14, 2011

They're Almost Socks

And it's a good thing, too, because while the spirals of color are intesting, they are not enough –not even witht the small side cables, to sustain interest. I am really getting bored with these socks.

They are about 6.5 inches tall now, from the base of the heel—normally I like about 9 inches (or about an equal length from heel to toe as there is heel to cuff.) and normally I like about 1.5 inches of ribbing for a cuff.

I don't know why—I know there are some who hate knitting cuffs, and make them as short as possible to do the job—but my cuffs always end up about the same inch and half. They look too short shorter than that (and longer means at least 3 inches—because I think a deep cuff needs to be folded back.--and really it should be 3 inches (and 3 inches to fold) but I don't much wear folded cuffs.)

Picky aren't I? I demand so much from a sock. It needs to be prettty, to match my clothing, to be interesting to knit, to be functional, to be warm, to be different—and more! It's a lot to ask from something as simple as a sock--but actually it's not the sock I expect to deliver—IT'S me.

It all about me and what I expect of myself and my knitting. I am so picky (and yet, I made a mistake with the cable way down in the instep—and left it.) On one sock one cable crosses wrong. And on the other, somehow I dropped a stitch (it's being held for now on a stitch marker)—it will be sewn in when I finish the socks.

I don't demand perfection –from my self or my socks. But then why should I? I knit socks for pleasure and practicality—not for one upmanship!

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