Sunday, February 27, 2011

Twice now! and More

(a short rant! Skip over if desired)

Twice this week, people have commented on old posts (one 3 years old, the other 4.5 years old!)

One asked a very specific question—only marginally related to the post –specifically how to change a simple 3 stitch 'broken rib” pattern –written for flat knitting-- into one for working in the round.

The second asked about a free pattern. She was sure the directions were wrong. (It available on Ravelry, it's been knit a half dozen times, and each time, it's worked perfectly)

Both had names that formed links—and in both cases I was willing to try and help.

But both of them had their blogger profiles blocked—so I couldn't send them an email, or a post a message on their blogs. There was no way to contact them.
REALLY? --You want my help? —ONLY you don't. (and aren't going to get it!)
Ok –end of rant!

So here are the fingerless gloves for my cousin (A) (a month late for her 88th birthday! ) All knit up—pretty plain—but pretty none the less. A bit of mock needle weaving, on the cuff and on the end near the fingers is the only special bit—but its enough I think. (real needle weaving is done with 2 strands (twinned knitting) this decoration is done with 1 strand and slip stitches.)

White wool is a good go with most any color--(but I know her coat is blue—and her hat is my 3 color Fair Isle hat (see it here on Ravlery) I didn't knit the hat specifically for A—but it fit her, and she liked it. White will match well--(I couldn't find this yarn (JoAnnes Sensations sports weigth wool) in blue—and I tried to dye blue—but I didn't like the result. So plain white it is.)

And here—a blast from the past--I might have been blogging when I knit this--but I don't remember--For sure its was made long before I started on Ravelry-- a small knit clutch.

(I had, and attached, what was once a earing—long mateless—as a bit of trim. but I don't really like it. I just have never bothered to find something better)--maybe now I will.

It's fully lined with a zipper closing, and has a cell phone pocket and a credit card pocket inside!

And here an almost complete ball of the same yarn.

Have you seen Nicky Epstein's newest project in the Winter issue of Vogue?
I-cord made into lovely ornate knots?

I think this left over yarn is going to become I-cord—and a fancy knot necklace.

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