Saturday, March 12, 2011

Getting Back

to you, my readers, and to the Noro Vest. Really, I mean it this time.

I need to finish it.. and then.. well LOTS of stuff to do.

A knit flower project—Goth spring. And March's socks, and another vest and some hats, and..

OK so in the meanwhile.. Harlequin Spring

—Knit but not finished (a pom pom—a mini one--and weaving in ends.

It looks overwhelming on the Head (I should give the head a name—ghoulishly—its just the Head) –And I am not 100% happy about it.. but.

And remember last week's hat? The cleverly name Green Color Work hat?

Well it's about to have a matching set of fingerless gloves—the end haven't been woven in, nor the stitches neatened (all the ends inside make the gloves look a bit puffy) nor have they been blocked, and really color work doesn't look its best before blocking.. but here's a hint of what they will look like.

These, like the green hat, were a fun finger dance—and things are so dreadful (floods, earthquakes, tsunami's) that something light hearted was sorely needed.

I am not a matchy-matchy time person –I do like symmetry--and matching socks, but sets? Of earings and braclets, necklaces and rings? Not so much but sometimes matching stuff is nice. Hats and gloves are OK and Scarves and Hats, or scarves and gloves.. but not all three!

These aren't a perfect match either—the lozenge in the hat is shaped differently (because of the decreases.) but they are a nice set. I don't think I am going to keep them—I think they might go to a raffle, with the proceeds going to some good cause.

So that's what I've been up to—and now, I'll be getting back, to knitting, to an accumulation of laundry, to all the other things I need to do.
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