Thursday, March 10, 2011

Harlequin Spring

It's grey today-Heavy rains are forecast—with flooding. The storm that has been ravaging the Ohio valley (yesterday) is expected to do the same to day the Hudson Valley, and later to the Connecticut River valley. Grey, grey, grey. Rain, rain --and some who wish for rain --but will get snow. More snow on top of the snow they got Sunday and Monday. What relief is there to this grey wet weather?

The Noro Vest is in a bad place-- I am coming to the end of the yarn before coming to the end of the vest. Other yarn(s?) will be needed. Its becoming way more effort than its worth.The colors are pretty—but overall, I am not happy with the result.

So to cheer up—a diversion—a spring hat. Kings Cakes –a huge fried donut with purple, green and gold frosting or sprinkle (or both!) are not part of my religious tradition or ethnic culture—So I didn't even think about the colors I dyed my mini-skeing—but look—purple, green and bright yellow (sort of gold tone)--Add some white—and a bit of pattern—and a funny hat is at hand.

First the pattern. I wasn't sure what kind of a pattern I wanted—but inspired by my previous hat, I thought a diamond shape—something harlequin.

I wasn't sure about it. I am still not sure about it.

But OBVIOUSLY it was the right choice.

The colors were almost perfect for the design--can you see the shortfalls in the photo? --They are highlighted below--and visible if you know where, and take an effort to find them--but not too obvious if you don't.

The mini skein was divided haphazardly—but look—1.5 repeats of the purple
(OK so it was 10 stitches short—but close--so close!)

And then 2 full repeats of the pattern in the green
(OK so 7 extra green stitches mixed in with the yellow.)

And enough—just enough and maybe a few inches left over—for an other half repeat of the yellow. I know there is enough--just by looking at the yarn left in the ball.

REALLY—I am amazed.

It is amazing! I didn't start by winding the skein on my niddynoddy—I just wrapped it round my hand to elbow—I didn't do any methodical or scientific division of the yarns—I didn't swatch or measure—I just knit.

Clearly –all these random elements should have resulted in a failure. But instead—near perfection!

I have another half repeat of the yellow to finish (and just enough yarn!) Which will bring the patterned part of the hat to about 11 inches—and the peak (and yes, crown will be peaked) which will be another 3 inches or so. A a nice long (14 or so inches) stocking cap—a bit of whimsy—a comic relief for a grey spring.

You could repeat in a more methodical way with small left over skeins of the same colors—or choice some colors of your own—but not today—I am still documenting the pattern!

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