Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hello, Again.

Another week of not much knitting—Unless you count a dozen roses!

Big ones, small ones, colored ones, black ones.. some now have pin backs, or hair clip backs(the smallest one has a small hair clip—the larger roses larger ones. The bunch on the left are all finished--the five below still need hardware--(and there is a sixth one on needles, too!)

All these for a sale tonight at a punk EVENT—I'll be there for a few hours.. Selling the roses, and the patterns to knit them, and a few kits (pattern, needle, and yarn) –my funky noro vest will be there too--(black top, black skirt—wild and crazy colors of the noro vest to be as funky as fat 50 year old female can be.

My daughter is bringing the ear plugs--(I was never a concert goer even when young—and loud music has never been my choice!)

I've got some other kits planned (next step in making knitting a career—the Etsy shop)--and have been busy behind the scenes documenting patterns—The patterns for these roses (a slighly improved rose,with more shape and detail than the basic rose) will be up next week.


JelliDonut said...

Best of luck! I hope you sell out.

Laura said...

Etsy Shop? Jippi-yeah and hooray! Crossing my fingers !

Melissa said...

Really like the idea of funky goth roses. I'll have to pick up a copy of the pattern from Etsy :)