Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Inches and Inches

And still more to do.

Last night—4 full inches of the back knit. Since the photo's—another inch and half (5.5 inches)

This is just about half of the inches needed.

--and now I am worried I won't have enough wool! The balls (in use) are getting smaller and smaller--I feel sure I am going to run out of yarn before I run out of the inches of back I still need to knit.

I have some other single ply wools (Lamb's Pride, (which has some mohair mixed in) and/or Lion Brand Lions wool, and even some Patons SWS (soy/wool solids) that maybe I can use to finish off the front and edges.

I am sure I don't like the raw garter stitch edges—and think the whole thing would look better with a finishing edging-- a bit of a front band and a bit of collar at the least.

But I maybe I am just borrowing trouble.. I'll know soon enough how much yarn I need (vs how much I have!) if I just keep knitting.

Mostly—I just want to have it finished. Enough already. Noro Kurayon has beautiful colors—but I don't really like the yarn. I don't like the thick and thin, the broken colors the rough texture.

I WANT to like it. I do like the colors.. but all the other qualities (see, I am being nice and saying qualities, not defects) aren't to my liking. I paid very little for this yarn--($5!) and I don't think I got my money's worth. It was an experiement—and I would be very dissatified if I had paid full price (and fully understand why the previous owner wanted to dump this yarn.)

The vest will be OK—and I know some will admire it.. But its not really something I love –not knitting, not how it looks, not the yarn.

I want to get back to something more regular and even. The yellow/green/purple skein keeps reminding me how pretty it will look in a simple 2 row stripe--or even an staggered stranded stripe.

But I will plug away at this for now.

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