Sunday, March 13, 2011

Look, See I Did REALLY Mean It

Looking Vest like—

The basic shape—done.
The shoulder seams—done.
The neck edge—almost done.
The crosswise front bands—still being thought about.

But progress! I like it a bit better with the collar--(which is a single ply wool—Stitch 'N Bitch Full of Sheep)

There are 2 very small balls of the Noro left--(the front bands). These are smaller than they look--since they are hollowed out center pull ball. Some of the teal will be made into some I-cord for a closure (frogs? Or maybe just plain ties) for the front--bringing together the solid color shawl collar and the front.

And because, in cyberworld, links are what make the world go round—a special one.
One of my cyber (and IRL) friends is the web master for Wonderwool—a UK (London) brick and morter store with an online store as well—Just another wonderful place to engage in SEX--(Stash Enhancement EXcitement)

I've added the link to my Web page, too, and I am continuing to make small additions and improvements--Like a new videos --the Maine Cast on--for 1.

The Maine cast on is the the thumb (vs sling shop)version of twisted long tail cast on- If you've had difficulties doing the twisted cast on--you might like this method better. A link has been added to Cast Ons Part 1 list-- and will eventually be added to the cast on page, too.

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