Thursday, March 03, 2011

Moving Along

Sides panels (a mere 3 inches) done, and back miter half done.
--Wait make that the first half (making the short rows) half done--actually a bit more than half done.

After the last short row has been created, the miter will be half done. Then another set of short rows, are needed to complete the mitered corner.

Then Up the back to the shoulders—so I've passed the half way point of the basic knitting and shape—but I am likely to add a front band (knit crosswise) --and collar –if there is enough yarn.

On the mini dress form (it doesn't have a size, but at the fullest point of the bust its only 32 inches --making it a size 0--or perhaps a girl's size 14..) the fronts meet--but on me, there is about a 1 inch gap.
Since the stripes don't match perfectly--a cross wise band would make that less evident. (the Back doesn't come close matching.. but I don't mind that in the least!)

I am pretty certain they will be enough for the front bands—the collar is a bit iffy.

When I am not knitting –I have been continuing to work on my web page—Rewriting tutorials (from past blog posts, editing some of the free patterns I have posted in the past (and getting ready to turn them into PDF's and uploaded to Ravelry—where it will be easier to find them, (as well as adding them as links to my web page), and making some more slide shows of FO's for my gallery page.

Later this week I should have Part 1 of a tutorial on Cast ons.
When I made a series of blog posts on cast a few years ago,
1—I forgot some cast ons,
2—Since then, I have learned some new ones,
3—New cast on's have been created!

My count (and I have to double check to make sure none are missing) now stands at 48! I feel like an auctioneer—and want to cry, 50? Can we make it an even 50? going once, going twice...

Plus-- I've done a video of a new cast ons for my list—A Twisted Chain Edge Cast On It's another one I devised. It's a 2 yarn cast on, that is attractive, and stretchy—super stretchy. But –it has its disadvantages--The twists that give it the super stretchy quality, result in the 2 cast on yarns twisting round and round each other.

Worked in a single color (long tail style) it's not hard to pull the first yarn (the tail) out of the twist, but worked as a 2 color (which is an especially effective way to show off the chain edge) is quickly becomes tedious. The twisted yarns are annoying.

In real life—but not in the video--I stop and untwist the yarns ever 20 or so cast on stitches. (I just cast on for a hat—108 stitches—and I stopped to untwist the yarns about 5 times.)

But the cast on is pretty enough to make the effort worthwhile.

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LizzieK8 said...

Great video! Shared it on my LYS facebook page!