Monday, March 28, 2011


In Red, in White, in Light Grey, and Medium grey. About to have a dark grey puff.. and then a black one, and then a boring black foot.

I am quite happy—and think--this could work—In blue--followed by white and all the greys and black, and Yellow, and –Why just about any solid color for color one!--

As puffy stripes, or chevrons, or.. Whoa!--(there are way to many ends to weave in now—Just how many pairs, with how many colors, and how many stripes? ) I seem to alternate between easy; one color, simple patterns, and extravagances of pattern and colors (and ends to weave in!)

Well—The Blue version will be pushed off, and be part of next years sock set—I have plenty enough ideas for sock for this year, and while maybe I will (or maybe I won't) have these finished by the end of this month (Thursday!) --since I have over 14 ideas, and so far in month 3, not yet 3 pairs of socks—well—it's not looking good right now for 14 pairs I have on the list for for the year --It's not even looking too hot for 12 pairs! I don't need to be adding to the list!

There are more hats on to knit too—simple(ish) ones, and—not so simple ones. And list and list of other things (shawls, and scarves (Yes, I know, I keep saying I am never going to knit another scarf...)and tops and sweaters, and...)

Then there are theses—they don't much look like a hat –They don't look like a hat at all! But these little 2 toned leaves are a start --Plus, I am thinking fibonocci-- 3, 5, 8, (that's 16 double pairs!) and is that enough? Or are another 13 (pairs!) going to be required? They are little—about 2.5 inches--(though the last 8 will be a bit bigger) –knit on size 5 /3.75 needles as two separate leaves, and then sewn together--not very much knitting--but then again 16 or 29 (or more!) of anything are a lots of knitting in the end. And there is more to the hat than just these leaves.

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