Monday, March 21, 2011


I have 8 (I need at least a dozen—more likely 2 dozen!) roses now--(no leaves yet)--but the bag of yarns for my puffy stripes socks (left over bits of red, white, 3 shade of grey and black) started crying in unison—and I cast on.
For the past few rows, a voice in my head has been saying—enough—the stripe is big enough—but that voice is WRONG! The stripe needs a few more rounds. But its getting there—soon it will be long enough.

There is some other yarn (stored with yet more red and black for punk roses) that is saying, ME too, me, too! Make me into a quick hat! (and I am listening to that yarn! )

And there is still 1 major, (and several minor) UFO's hanging around.

–To be honest, a good percentage of the roses are UFO's at this point--
some will become pins, (broaches in the old fashioned term)
some will become hair clips (small and large ones)
some will be attached to rubber hair bands--(the fabric coated type, not the plain rubber ones)
some might become scrunches (I-corded rubber hair bands)
some will become magnets-- and maybe even a push pin or two.
(What am I doing here—sitting at the computer--when I have roses and leaves to knit!)

Right now—only one has been completely finished.

And in a dream—a lovely (well it was lovely in the dream—and I think it may be lovely in person) idea for a leaf laden hat came to me.. It was a spring green leaf--(and the first go at it will be in spring/mossy greens) but I think it will be a fun fall hat too.. (done in the many colors of fall leaves!) I had to write down all the details so I didn't forget them!

Just when I am going to get around to knitting this hat—I am not sure of! But soon, soon!

(And then there is this distraction—an earwig—I keep hearing Carly Simon's song—You're so vain...and keep subbing new words--(you probably think this post is about you, don't you?) I am so enjoying the show-no publicity is bad publicity, right?)

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