Tuesday, March 01, 2011

This Past Weekend's White Mittens

Were made from left over yarn—2 partial skeins of white wool that had been used for last fall's mitten project.

I have more white (2 full skeins) , and some deep wine red, darkish green, and black (more mitten left overs)—2 partial skeins of each of the three colors. A rather limited range of colors.

Today, one of the 2 skeins became a spring color way—the other skein-- a berrry (boyesberry/raspberry) color way.

Maybe a spring hats, or a cowl--a whole bunch of my friends have signed on to a a Cowl a Week knit-a-long. I haven't (and don't intend to!) but seeing their FO's—its hard not to be inspired!

Paired with white, or black or the darker green (I think almost certainly the dark green!) —I think the bright yellow, crocus purple and spring green will be plenty for a hat. Starting with a cuff of the solid, and a simple stranded pattern—letting the yarn make the color changes—I can slip in a few rows of white, too, to make more colors—and a more interesting design.

The Berry yarn? Definitely a cowl. Maybe with the red, maybe with the white—maybe--spiral knit? or with a slip stitch pattern? or just an interesting stripe of some sort.... Who knows?

Now all I need to do is knit--I am blocked for the moment--a bit of personal sadness has overwhelmed me. But it will pass-- and as it does, the residual sadness will be transformed into a colorful hat or cowl, or be part of my Noro vest, or March's socks...

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