Tuesday, April 05, 2011

3 Inches become 5 Inches

5 inches on end, and 4 inches, on the other end(which is now on its way to 6 inches)
For now, it' s 9 inches . (2 inches longer than it was yesterday)

The short end of the scarf, is now the longer end, and it's about time to switch sides again.

How can I tell which is which? One end is all green, the other is purple and green –the purple and green end is the one worked from the inside of the skein.

Yarn that seemed to be disappearing at an alarming rate, is now slowly spooling out. Maybe an 18 (or longer!) inch scarf isn't an unreasonable goal.

How and where am I measuring? The flat garter spine up the center--(the bottom curved ruffle adds another 4 inches on each end—so the pieces are actually longer but –those end ruffles don't count in my measurements.

I like the color changes, and how there is about enough of any one color to do 2 wedges, make a balanced stripe. Working each half make it seem less boring—it's like a race to see which end wins. But NORO being NORO, the yarn is sometimes as thick as worsted, and other times, it's cobweb—All well and good for a scarf, were it doesn't really matter, but I find my self annoyed at the inconsistency.

I made less progress yesterday than in previous days—but I caught up on cleaning (abandoned when I was just getting up , heating and eating soup, and returning to bed for a 3 hour nap--(followed by more liquids, and more sleep!)

The clean dishes in the dishwasher got put away, the dishwasher refilled and emptied again. Empty soup cans (I supped on both the last of my home made and Progresso), already washed out and dried, where taken to the recycle bin, (along with a bunch of empty boxes (juice boxes too!) and just emptying all the waste paper bins used up more time and energy. This simple chores left me exhausted. After a nap, a quick run to replenish supplies--(LOVELY navel oranges, big, fragrant and juicy jumped into my cart—one was an appetizers for dinner.)

It was a lovely day bright, and in the late afternoon, sunny but I still felt chilled—even though it was 60°--(circa 16° c); I am very nearly better, but still not really completely well.

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