Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Some years ago, there was a PBS show Connections—showing how ideas --like a punch card system for a Jacquard loom moved—to a machine for counting US census data, to computers.

When I watched it, I still hadn't make the connection between knitting and binary numbers (for me, that was sometime in the mid 1980's—and I wasn't alone in making that connection.)
Since then-- whole bunch of knitting/binary and knitting other mathematical connections have been made--(see the Home Page of Mathematical knitting)

Obviously—since I remember the show some 30 years later—I conneted with it!

I make a connection last night, too, again watching PBS. (NYC area viewers have 3 different PBS television channels, Channel 13 (NY) Channel 21 (LI) and Channel 50(NJ) )–I get (and have watched) Channel 50--From Montclaire, NJ--for years (for some reason I have never been able to get the LI transmissions) Last night, I got to see a broadcast of the movie Whiz Kids.--which covered one year of the Intel Science Awards (for years, these were the Westinghouse Science Awards--but change sponsorship), the kids involved and their projects.

I was reminded watching the show though a bunch of personal connections — that next year will be the year of the dragon in the Asian zodiac. And this reminded me that there is a fractal known as the Dragon Set. And further that there is, in Norah Gaughan book, Knitting Nature, a knit coat that features color work of this fractal—the Serpentine Coat (that's a Ravelry link)

It's another back burn thing. I don't think I'll knit the coat, or even a sweater, but the fractal? Yup, I want to knit the fractal-- I don't know how I will us it, but somehow!

So with all these connections (from Whiz Kids, to the Dragon Set fractal, to the Asian zodiac --and next year being the year of the Dragon, to knitting) --a pretty convoluted set of connections--Well—I think the idea of knitting the fractal has to be heated up and brought forward—Not for today, not for NEXT—but I need to be thinking about this.

Most of this is just a distraction—an interesting one, I hope, since I have no knitting to show!
The sock is at 7 inches (barely) and need a few more round before the heel flap.

And--I'm still playing with swatches.. (I tried a simple lace “line (YO/Raised Center Decrease/YO-) and it helped; but—neah—it's not enough.

Next up-- a ribbon of stocking knit.. not too wide—maybe just 5 stitches(YO/SSK/K3/K2tog/YO) or must 4--knit 2 in the center, not knit 3--(should I try 1? Is a single stitch enough?)

And I am thinking about a narrow edging too, knit crosswise as a trim—what sort? Something wavy (because it's a shell design?) or something thorny--(as would be found on briar canes?) or something leafy (like strawberries)? Choices, choices!

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

I loved that show because of the weaving, since that is what I was the most interested in at the time for a craft expansion.

The fractal coat is gorgeous. What a fine thing to knit.