Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well--not today—but it's coming soon (May 1st)—but the gifts are already arriving! Wanna see?

First—Is the present I need to thank you, my readers and visitors, for—all 100,000 of you in the past 5 years.

100,000 Visitors to this blog as of 12:02PM today! It's pretty amazing—I know, I know, it's a relationship—I write and post, and you come and read.

If I stopped posting, I know readership would slowly ebb away (I have taken breaks, and it's happened) but you've all come back –again and again, and I can't thank you enough.

100,000 Visitors is a wonderful present. A really amazing one—There are so many blogs out there, so many choice for you to make—that you chose to come, and visit mine, is a gift—and I can't thank you enough. And that this total is happening within days of my birthday makes it a wonderful present!

But there is more!

Obviously, the powers that be think I need to knit a shawl, too. So there was a reason for my itch—I have another early birthday present--Look at this lovely shawl pin! Enameled copper and brass—it's so simple—and so lovely.

On its own—it's a wonderful thing—but it came with the lovely scissors, too. Can you see? They are finished with a purple coating. Silver and purple! And nice leather sheath.
A delightful gift, from a very special person--a non-knitter, but one who knows how much I love knitting. Thank you.

My gift to myself? Well, the plain white sock yarn from 2 weeks ago?—It's s now several shades of purple/violet: bluish, plumish, and dusty lilac. It's a bit darker than I hoped—but there are some lighter more pastel bits too.

Lace—I think—I guess I have lace on my mind. Some small floral motif--an all-over design—or perhaps sprays, like bunches of lilacs—Lacy lilac socks for me!

I always think of May as the month of purple flowers—the squills and purple iris, lilac's and pansies--marching soldiers of tulips in shades from cream to deep red violet, and creeping at their feet, the periwinkles. Everywhere-- every shade of purple and violet. By the end of the month—there will be red roses, and riots of color—but May starts out in purple—putting on a display, while in half mourning for the end of winter.

Meanwhile—the gussets are finished (and so are the beads) and the foot of the sock is over half done—I need 9 or so inches from base of heel and I already have over 4.5 inches. See? They looking more and more like socks every round! My feet (and ankles and legs) are bigger than the display models--the foot look 2/3rd's or more done on the Legs--but they are not--but more than half done--and today and tomorrow to finish.

I'll be ready to start my lace any day now!

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