Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well--not today—but it's coming soon (May 1st)—but the gifts are already arriving! Wanna see?

First—Is the present I need to thank you, my readers and visitors, for—all 100,000 of you in the past 5 years.

100,000 Visitors to this blog as of 12:02PM today! It's pretty amazing—I know, I know, it's a relationship—I write and post, and you come and read.

If I stopped posting, I know readership would slowly ebb away (I have taken breaks, and it's happened) but you've all come back –again and again, and I can't thank you enough.

100,000 Visitors is a wonderful present. A really amazing one—There are so many blogs out there, so many choice for you to make—that you chose to come, and visit mine, is a gift—and I can't thank you enough. And that this total is happening within days of my birthday makes it a wonderful present!

But there is more!

Obviously, the powers that be think I need to knit a shawl, too. So there was a reason for my itch—I have another early birthday present--Look at this lovely shawl pin! Enameled copper and brass—it's so simple—and so lovely.

On its own—it's a wonderful thing—but it came with the lovely scissors, too. Can you see? They are finished with a purple coating. Silver and purple! And nice leather sheath.
A delightful gift, from a very special person--a non-knitter, but one who knows how much I love knitting. Thank you.

My gift to myself? Well, the plain white sock yarn from 2 weeks ago?—It's s now several shades of purple/violet: bluish, plumish, and dusty lilac. It's a bit darker than I hoped—but there are some lighter more pastel bits too.

Lace—I think—I guess I have lace on my mind. Some small floral motif--an all-over design—or perhaps sprays, like bunches of lilacs—Lacy lilac socks for me!

I always think of May as the month of purple flowers—the squills and purple iris, lilac's and pansies--marching soldiers of tulips in shades from cream to deep red violet, and creeping at their feet, the periwinkles. Everywhere-- every shade of purple and violet. By the end of the month—there will be red roses, and riots of color—but May starts out in purple—putting on a display, while in half mourning for the end of winter.

Meanwhile—the gussets are finished (and so are the beads) and the foot of the sock is over half done—I need 9 or so inches from base of heel and I already have over 4.5 inches. See? They looking more and more like socks every round! My feet (and ankles and legs) are bigger than the display models--the foot look 2/3rd's or more done on the Legs--but they are not--but more than half done--and today and tomorrow to finish.

I'll be ready to start my lace any day now!


gayle said...

Congratulations and Happy Birthday!
That shawl pin is reason enough to knit a shawl to show it off.

Virginia G said...

Happy almost birthday! :)

And congratulations on all of the readers. That's awesome!

Judy said...

That is one cool looking shawl pin! Happy Birthday and congratulations on all those readers.

Unknown said...

Best Birthday Wishes to you..