Friday, April 08, 2011

Hats and other stuff

Gianna's hat has a nice deep ribbed edge--(a soft tubular cast on, followed by 1.5 inches or ribbing) and almost 3 inches of a lacy mesh—maybe I'll get a photo today—or definitely one tomorrow.

But a distraction—Maretta, (from the land of Oz) asked me about the shawl featured in the new Jane Eyre movie. I had seen the thread on Ravelry—but wasn't much impressed by the images.. But I went back and checked...(500 +posts!) but fortunately—some one finally posted a clear image--(page 3 of the thread—or just jump there-- here's the link.)

It's a pretty simple shawl (and if I plowed through the post, I might find that someone has come up with basic directions)-- but here is my take:

The shawl is knit in garter stitch, a triangle that starts on one edge increases along the top edge, (the straight line on left in the image) and has a short row ruffle on lower edge (red line) At the midpoint, the shawl shaping is done with decreases.. Or for a more refined look, the shawl is knit in two halves, and the center back is grafted, or even nicer, finished with a decorative seam. This would make both sides of the TOP edge of the shawl identical.

Cast on 4
R1: Knit
R2: K3, Place marker,Increases (any style) K1
R3: (all odd rows, Knit)
R5: K3, increase, K
R10: start ruffle—K3, increase, k to end of row
R11: K8, turn work
R12: Knit
R13: K6, turn work
R15: K4, turn work
R17: K2, turn work
R19: Knit entire row
R20 AND R21: basic pattern (increase on one edge, knit row)

Then repeat rows 11 to 21—Increasing on neck edge, making a short row ruffle on other edge.

After half way point, decrease, rather than increasing at neck edge.

STOP at half way point, make second identical half
Graft both sides together; for center back seam.

or consider a North Seas style graft
Hold both halves together, (in left hand as you would for a 3 needle bind off.)
In right hand hold crochet hook.
Take stitch 1/needle one onto crochet hook, then take stitch 1/needle two onto hook,
Pass stitch one/needle1 over stitch 2/needle Two.

Repeat, taking alternate stitches off needles, onto crochet hook and 'chain' bind off. Last stitche is bound in place with yarn tail.
This makes a zig zag chain stitch seam simple but decorative(and very traditional)

Another alternate: do a 3 needle bind off.

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