Thursday, April 07, 2011

Heads Up

Finished Sea Lettuce last night—and had a little more than an inch of yarn left over!

It's a totally fun once knit (though, like any scarf, it get boring half way through)-

I ended up with a short scarf –but longer than I thought—over 24 inches long (plus 6 more inches of end ruffle!) and I have been playing with it since late last night when I finished it. Twirling it up, into a head of colorful curly lettuce, folding it and making a ruffled collar, let it twist and twirl as it will.

I don't know if I'm keeping this—or if its going to go into a gift pile. I like it.. but I have scarves and scarves that I hardly ever wear, and this is just another—fun to knit, it makes good use of the single skein of yarn, but I am not sure if I want to own this.

Next up—a hat for Gianna. NYC health regulations require food handlers to cover their hair—Not wanting to look like a school lunch lady (instead of the professionally proprietor) Gianna like to wear pretty hats in pretty colors—and lately—its been a collection of hand knit ones. They are simple enough—slouchy, and lacy, they cover her head and hair and look pretty too. Much better than a school lunch lady shapeless mob cap, and more casual than a fancy chef toque. Just the right balance between rustic and practical.

She is slowly building a wardrobe of hats—to match her clothes, or her mood, or the weather--to wear and drop in the wash, and pick up a new fresh one each day.

As the owner/head chef at Maducatis Rustica, she is also the generous host to our Tuesday night knitting group. It's a great place, with a casual dining room –lined with a huge collection of Tony Vaccaro's photos (for some years, he was my neighbor—and now lives in LIC) were we sit and knit--(there is a more formal dining room, as well. )
She's famous for her gelato—and has been feature in promo's for NY's local PBS station, Thirteen.

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