Monday, April 11, 2011

Necessary Knitting

Some things need to be knit--Every knitter know that!
Some to satisfy an desire to learn a new technique, others to satisfy an urge to conform, hats and baby blankets and squares by the hundreds to satisfy promises made.

Some are caught up in cute—I've knit small decorative eggs, from scraps of pretty colorful yarn (even done stranded color work) for fun, and other crazy cute stuff.

Yesterday, at Sunday Knitting at Paneras's—there was a knit Prince William, (from Rena), and a couple of crocheted angry birds (from Ryan). There have been beaked spring chick hats, and other whimsical items in the past. Every has there own sense of what is cute—knitter's knit some very strange stuff!

If we gave a fashion show—there would be several identical shawl, (Clapitos for one) and several identical pairs of socks (mostly designs from the Tsock Tsarina (I'd link but not now—her web page and sock club is undergoing a major overhaul—When its ready for relaunch—I'll be ready to post about it!) But there would also be bags, and sweaters too. Did every one in the group knit a version (or two) of the Lady's February Sweater? --No--but there are a number!

There are any number of one of kind items too... There are a bunch of knitters who design there own knitting--(they don't all document and sell—but they do make wonderful one of kind items.)

Yesterday for me, it was a hat—The group is committed to make a bunch of hats for yet another charity-- and I had this skein of left over yarn—What else but a hat? (and truth be told, I haven't yet balled up the skein (a 100gm) skein of my semi-solid grey yarn for my granite socks—so I couldn't start them!)

It's a simple, fun knit (it—obviously—still needs 4 buttons) Six inches of ribbing, 3 inches of stocking knit, the buttons and an I-cord drawstring.

Its a hat, its a cowl, its a combo pack! So as soon as find some buttons, and weave in the ends, it will be done!

I don't know if I'll get the grey skein caked up, and then divided into 2 cakes (so much easier than working from both ends of the skein) today (I mean to, but..) there is always other projects, other ideas—Everywhere spring is in evidence—I have new leaves to knit (I just have 3 completed ones.. and I NEED at least 5 more—Really13 more, I think.. and there are summer tops and, and, and...

When will it stop?!

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