Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Not Quite Empty Yet

But last night a series of storms raced through—Huge bolts of lighting lit up the sky—Thunder rattled all the windows—and the wind swept rain flooded the outer edge of the terrace (almost 2 feet in!) and washed a the outer third of the almost cleared terrace floor! Thank you, mother nature!

The racks are still out there—acting as temporary shelf and painting station for a bunch of tins.

I LOVE tins—from small ones (from mints) to tall ones (originally a quart of Bacardi rum, now a nice tall tin for long pastas (not spaghetti—but spaghetti like!), big square ones (a chinese cookie tin) and little round ones-(pastelles –those lovely little french fruit flavored candies) .

The big square is empty for now-- the small rounds ones, well, since they aren't really that small-- likely hold bulky spices (like crystal ginger—a house hold staple!) All of them get a labels on the bottom—so I know what in each—but frequently—I don't need to check the label. I KNOW—the tall green tin (with the reproduction sour kraut label) is really oat meal! My small kitchen doesn't have a proper pantry—but a open shelf of pretty decorated tins is a partial solution.

I'm a little less careful spray painting now—some over spray has tinted the once white railing—but I'll have to be super careful once the new railing go in—so its smart to get as much spray painting as I can do, done now.

While I am at it, there are still 2 big plastic cat litter pails to paint—I like the square shape and easy lift lids of these pails. Once, one kitchen pail was enough—but now there is one for garbage (food stuff and the like) and one for paper waste (boxes) and one for tin cans and glass, and foil. Spray painted (and color coded) square pails are one solution. Especially with the new spray paint for plastic.

Once the tins are all painted, I'll decorate them --lost likely, with some decals—and add them to my set! I've been doing this for years—I made my first set for my first apartment—way too many years ago! That set had plastic lids—and eventually—as many tins do—the bottoms rusted out. Lucky me—I could collect more!

And I got some knitting done—not much—but 4 more leaves (of the set of 5 ) --now I need just 9 more—the plus 1 and a set of 8. The pairs still aren't sew together—but getting them knit is something done.

I'll be out tomorrow—from sun up to sundown—and no where near a computer for most of the day—so likely I won't get anything written up or posted.--but likely, I will get some knitting done—so I'll have photos to show on Friday. Maybe some leaves—or maybe something else!

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