Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Not A Stitch

I wish I was speaking metaphorically—about my terrace—and could truthfully say: Nada, Nothing, Zilch—is what remains on it. But I still have a few more hours work! This for a space of 6 foot by 12!

As any home owner knows—the work never ends. Since I've move into this co-op its been nothing but repairs! The first few years it was re-pointing all the brickwork, and then repairs to the pool, next replacing all the elevators—my building is the last to be done (and the work is still in progress)—and starting next week—the terraces.

It was noted when the brick re-pointing was going on, that some of the terrace railing were very deteriorated. (They are painted iron, and haven't been repainted in all the years I've been here)

My railing seem very secure, (and doesn't show much evidence of rust.) But... the job is not being done piecemeal –all the railing are being replaced. So Everything—(there are over 1,000 units, and every one has a terrace!) Absolutely everything has to come off the terrace—(even the clock/thermometer on the wall!) then the scaffolding, removal and replacement starts--Friday--4/15 is the deadline. (But i don't know exactly when my terrace will be worked on!) The management said--the work will be done Top down (sound like knitting, huh?) and I am near the top floor--but there are terraces on 4 sides--(the building is shaped like a squat capital T--and has 6 sides) and I don't know if there will be one crew (working one side at a time) or several.

It's going to be ugly---and it will mean closed windows all summer. But it will make the building look better—it will spruce up the over all appearance, and make everything (for everyone) safer.

So, I've been cleaning up starting with the planters--I have a small low “frence bread rack' that I covered with window boxes and filled with plants, and I had a bunch of hanging baskets, and some half round baskets that I mounted on the wall.
And there are 3 resin chairs, and 2 resin tables, and yet another wire rack with more stuff (including a bunch of outdoor candles, my watering cans, and sealed containers for plant food and STUFF) And a wind chime!

And I didn't do anything last fall, so there was all the dead plants and dust and STUFF.

Yesterday started the general cleaning (getting rid of the pots (from purchased plants)) from last year and a general sweeping up. One of the resin table got washed, too. Today—the rest—the other table, the chairs. I don't have any exterior water—I have to carry buckets full from the bathroom, through the living room—or carry the stuff to the bath tub and wash them there. So washing is a bigger deal than it is in a house with an outdoor hose!

Last, I'll wash off the bread rack –its likely going into the living room for durations—I'll have to find something to put under it, Since I want to use it to hold some indoor plants. One resin chair is getting a slip cover, and will stay in the living room too. The others will be shoved into the back of my craftsworks/sewing room, along with the two small tables. Unfortunately one table is round, the other is square, so I can't stack them the way I can stack the chairs.

The other wire rack is likely going to be recycled. It was originally from my apartment (after my divorce) it got moved back into the house when I moved back, and has had a third life on my terrace. It's in pretty sad shape now.. washing isn't going to make it look better. I think its come to an end of its useful life.

The last project on the terrace is to wash the outside windows (yes, I know the work will just get them dirty again!) I want to start with clean windows—and to get up (it's a bit early, but its now or never) the anti UV film. The good news is my west by northwest windows get sun all afternoon in the summer.. (and it's bad news too! ) The UV film is clear from inside, but will provide some privacy from out side. I think of it as "sunglasses" for my living room.

I need an indoor curtain, too. I have a clear view from my terrace of over 50% of the skyline—from about 10th street to 125th street--(with a small blockage from a distant building of 42ndStreet-- I can't see the Chrysler building for the most part) With no near by buildings (and windows) around to look in, I've never had a need to block the view. But the prospect of men working on my terrace changes that! The UV film offers some privacy--but not enough!

So that's how I spent yesterday, and how I will spent part (most?) of today. I did get the ends woven in the hat, but no buttons yets.. and not a single stitch of anything else knit!


JelliDonut said...

My deck is much tinier than yours but it was still a pain when they repaired some termite damage last year. Can't imagine the hassle you are going through!

Judy said...

Helen, are you putting that UV film on the inside or the outside of the window? Why I ask is, it sounds like you are going to install it from the outside and all the film we have used needs to be installed for the inside of the window. Once you get the film up you will notice that the room will also be warmer in the winter too.