Saturday, April 09, 2011

A Quick and Easy Hat

All done! I hope Gianna likes it—It will round out her collection, with 1, 2, 3 knit by Kimberly, and a few (not yet photographed) knit by Dana, and this one, from me. (Those links are all to Ravelry)

It's done in Moda Dea's Bamboo Wool—a single skeins –and it used all but 4 inches of a single skein--talk about cutting it close!

In keeping with Gianna's preferred style, it's a slouch hat—close too, but not a real beret. It lies flat (as a pancake) but its has no real shaping but for some decreases at the very top.

The stitch pattern is simple enough—the pattern is a multiple of 2. Cast on an even number.
R1: Knit
R2: *YO, K2tog
R3: K
R4: K
R5: *YO, SSK
R6: K

Yeah, R5 is a pain—or it could be--but I cheated!

On R4, instead of doing a standard row of knit stitches, I did a whole round of eastern Knits—so my stitches were “pre-turned” and I could skip the Slip, Slip and just knit 2 together. To make untwisted stitches with the eastern (style of knitting) mounted ones—I knit 2 tog through the back loop. So the round was no more difficult than a round of K2tog's.

By alternating the 2 together's from a Standard K2tog, to--in effect-- a SSK (left leaning decrease) I ended up with a balanced lace, (and not a strong, leftward diagonal spiral.)

The extra row (2 knit rows between each row of YO/K2tog) also change the pattern—it's still very open and lacy—but just a bit different. I like the deep ribbed band, too--it adds a special touch.

I like knowing how to do both european style knitting and eastern knitting—both for knits and purls, and to be able to knit a stitch any way I want to—to get the results I want!


Unknown said...

Thank you for this! I don't know if I ever would have thought to reverse the mounts on the knit row to have a round of K2tog tbl. I like the motions of the SSK better than a regular K2tog, but K2tog tbl is just as good.

JelliDonut said...

Helen, you are just too clever! Love your solution to the YO, SSK.

random Cindy said...

Very clever. I learned eastern (I think) as a child, switched to continental when I started knitting again in the last few years but I don't really feel comfortable interchanging them as yet. But I did totally understand your explanation there so maybe at some point I will be able to use them together!