Sunday, April 17, 2011

SIN! again! I have SINned, Again.

No, it's not a Sunday sermon, or confession--(well it is a bit of a confession) It's one of the things I have been up too—S(tash) IN(creases!)

Lovely ones! Like these 2 skeins—Henry's Attic Moriah—2250 yards of lace weight, 2 ply natural white merino. Together—almost a mile of yarn! I am working hard at not dictating to my daughter when she can get married or have a child.

A huge shawl would take a while (and besides it nor really her style), but with this much lovely lace weight –there has to be a shawl in my future! Or hers, or for a grandchild. So either, I wear it to the wedding, or she wears it, or it becomes a baby blanket. And the second skien? I just don't know! I couldn't resist it!

There is more... Sock yarn! (could I buy yarn and not buy sock yarn?) I passed over the Socketta (cotton and spandex and stuff) and went for the wool. I passed over the Kroy (OK, Kroy is my usual go to sock yarn and solids white (there were some other colors) is always a good choice--but) and went for Reynolds Swizzle. I have a skein of this yarn already in my stash—navy blue and multi stripes.. and now Grey and Forest green!--(As if I didn't already have enough socks knit and more than enough sock yarn to last my lifetime!)But I could use more dark green socks—and grey? Well it's a great neutral color—a good with anything choice!

And still more—Look at this lovely white sock yarn—waiting to be dyed—I think a soft lavender –not a deep purple (I have a few pairs of socks that are or have deep purple) but a dusty medium shade of purple—well sort of purple . Grey—but not—purple but not. Some where between the two! A soft almost neutral semi solid. A color I don't already have—in a skein or knit up!

And I got stuff, too--needles, and tape measures, and stitch markers, and stuff—some are going to be recycled in effect--(a back burner project—that is simmering along) Plus a needed good find—a super small crochet hook—now these cakes of semi solid grey yarn –can be started as socks—NO pre-stringing the red (garnet) beads! The month is half over already and I haven't started!


Oh yeah—these, too—a double knit pot holder, and a gathered up knit top to a kitchen towel –we (as a family) always use cloth towels to dry our hands in the kitchen (not paper towels—which have a place—but a very small one) and my daughter requested a new one.. Her kitchen is color full (Yellow (walls), green (trim), White (appliances), Red (accents))--so both of these match!)


Judy said...

I just love to see other people's SIN! Go Helen!

gayle said...

(Actually, you've got over 2 miles of that Moriah laceweight - 1760 yds = 1 mile.)
With all that lovely yarn, you must be one happy SINner!