Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So Soft, So Cushy!

These socks, pair 50 something (55, I think, but, who's counting really?) are coming along. An Estonian long tail cast on, (aka Open/Closed Long Tail Cast on) worked with a double strand on the thumb yarn makes a nice deep 'rough' edge—that moves beautifully into a double rib.

I tend to use a 1 X 1(my favorite) rib –but every once in a while I change up. The cuff is my default 1.5 inches. To me, that just looks right. I change this less often –and most often when I am not doing a ribbed cuff.
Then on to the pattern. I swatched the granite stitch—and well, I just didn't like it. It was to linear, (the purl row made to straight a ridge)—not to mention, purling is less fun when working in the round!

So I swatched (and swatched, and swatched) some stitch pattern from books (I HAVE LOTS and LOTS of stitch pattern books) and finally found this—it has different names in each book—And truth be told, I am not doing the stitch exactly as presented in any of the books—but basically, it's rows of twisted stitches, (K2tog, don't let the stitches drop off needle, Purl the same to stitches together, let the drop off left needle) with alternate rows are plain knitting.

In addition, a random number generator for beads—which are being added crochet hook style as I go.

The fabric is surprisingly stretchy—the result is somewhat linear, but it's also textured and knobbly—and the beads nestle into the nooks –perfectly. Little clusters, and streaky veins of garnet crystals are going to be scattered up and down the sock—and this first inch just give a hint of how this is going to look and work—and I think it looks great!

Then there is the yarn—this is Tess' Designer Sock yarn—80% merino/20% nylon—and its so soft and so plush and so cushy—I wonder how well it will wear—but I know wearing the sock is going to be wonderful! The rows of K2tog/P2tog are slow going.. but working with this lovely yarn is a pleasure. The beading is a bit tedious--But the extra effort will be worth it--they will end up being special socks!

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