Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Back and forth, my lettuce scarf is growing every day. From 11 inches to 13 inches and more.

The skein of yarn is keeping it's shape, but has become very lean—but counting the color changes, and making my best guesstimate, I should end up with another 4 to 5 inches of scarf. So it will end up long enough-- how ever long its ends up!

It will be a short scarf—but folded along the spine, it will be a pretty, ruffled, colorful collar. The edges can lap (or ) not in the front or to the side.

It's easy knitting—The rows are short, and I've been work back each row with out turning—From right needle to left needle, then back from left needle to right. I am still slower when doing this--knitting true left handed. Not as slow as I used to be, but a bit slower. Thankfully, maintaining tension has never been a problem.

With the scarf getting longer each row, and two lines of yarn (always ready to twist into knots!) things go easer with minimal turns to the work.

I am always terrible at estimating how far any given skein of yarn will go—Its only after I have knit a thousand things with a type of yarn, do I have any idea! And its a rare thing for me to knit time and time again with the same yarn!

My stash is made up of lots of odd and ends, lots of unnamed and unlabeled (except for fiber content) cones, and from the clearance bin label-less balls and skeins, and .... Some of these 1 off balls are lovely silks, some are pretty acrylics, some from garage sale and others from estates.

I specialize in the knitting up designs with odd balls of yarn! Socks are the general exception.

Monday's balmy weather –more March like than April like turned on a dime and the temperatures dropped 30° in 2 hours (that's about 9°C)yesterday--and the winds kicked up and the rain came down.
Sky's are clear today, but its still blustery and more like March than April. It's a good thing the tulips don't thing this way. Any day now they will be glorious for an hour.

And then squirrels will come and bite off all the heads, dang squirrels! Maybe I'll get a photo or two before they are tattered headless remains.

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JelliDonut said...

I've tried the knitting backwards thing and I am painfully slow at it. I should work at it, but I think I'll just admire your work instead!