Monday, May 16, 2011

Cuff? Leg? Flap?

Complete, complete, complete and then some!

1.5 inches of cuff, 5.5 inches of leg, for a total of 7 inches before the flap was started.
The flaps aren't being worked in heel stitch, but a modified eye of partridge stitch. Which sort of continues a diagonal—and the /twill look to the fabric. These details will hardly be evident when I am wearing them—Unless I have my feet up—But I KNOW.
The pattern is:
R1: Slip 1, K1 (repeat across row)
R2: (and all even rows) S1, Purl all remaining stitches
R3: Slip 1, K1, *K1, Slip 1
A true eye of partridge stitch would have slipped stitches on the purl side--and a much more distinctive pattern.

As for the flaps, I fell into knitting them, and just knit and knit, and knit. A smooth rhythmic K1, S1, Purl back.
And then suddenly, I looked—and I had a 3 inch flap!

So I tinked back a few rows, and put them aside—it was too late to start the turning—especially when I knew my cognitive skills are in low gear! (Ii'll be starting the turns soon--First--Laundry!

Tomorrow, some spring and summer cleaning. Last year, we had a prolonged cool spring—that spronged into non-stop 90° weather—and I was caught with my fan's down.

 This year, I will have them pull out (of the back of the closet) cleaned and the clickers ready with fresh batteries, now while the weather is still comfortable.

When summer hits, they will be all ready to go!

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