Thursday, May 19, 2011

Down To The Toe

But there is still plenty more to go --on these socks.

First—a pair of patch pockets, and with them, some golden top stitching—down each side of the socks, to make pseudo seams; top stitch on the patch pocket, too. Each pocket will have a pair of small copper rivets (well mock rivets) at the top corners, as well. These details (especially the top stitching) will take some time. But they will be fun, authentic looking details. The kind of details that will make the socks special.

My next pair of socks will be a self patterning stripe—and pretty generic! Enough with fancy socks for while—a short while—but a bit of a break.
Especially if I am going to be knitting lace gloves.

Look at these—10 little butterfly skeins--1 per finger –It's not much progress towards
gloves, but it's something. I haven't made skeins for the hand or cuffs yet—those will be wound on my ball winder—the gloves are going to have deep cuffs I think (lace ones!)but even with deep cuffs, gloves (after the fingers) are only about half the size of socks. I have plenty of yarn (as you see!) that's a 6 oz cone—one of 5 small cones of cashmere in my stash.

The other something is all the fan are clean and have fresh batteries in the clickers and are ready to go –not that they are needed now—Now is cool and grey and damp—As it has been since Saturday.

Central Queens is a bit higher than sea level--not much-- but enough that flooding isn't a problem.  Every one thinks of LI as being flat, (nothing but a big sand bar) but there are 2 terminal moraines and lots of hill. I used to live on one of the higher hills--(perhaps 400 feet high) –now I live on a rise—Not high enough to even be called a hill.

You'd only notice the rise if you were on a bike—or were handicapped. It's maybe 20 higher than the surrounding area –(and less than a half mile away, and down hill, is a meadow –what used to be a wet land, became a field of ashes, and then got “improved” again, and is now a park) So all the rain (it's been raining on and off, yesterday more on than off) runs off except for a few puddles. There is local flooding in the NYC area—but not any where near me!

But I am ready if the sun ever decides to make an appearance—Fans clean, clickers working, windows coated with UV film, ice cube trays at the ready.

Tonight is a co-op board meeting--and a  raffle (a free raffle) for a free pool membership(s)--there are 10 up for grabs. Maybe this will be the year I will win a free pool membership (the pool opens for the holiday weekend)--It's almost summer already! Where does time go?

The first few weeks of the season, the water is positively frigid--(and I have the pool to my self!) What a sight I will be—going from icy pool water to warm deck and knitting cashmere gloves!

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JelliDonut said...

Those socks are going to be very cool! Can't wait to see the gloves progress. Who knows--maybe I'll try knitting a pair.