Monday, May 30, 2011

Fail (again)

Well, not a total fail. But I don't like the results.
  1. I've decided I don't like the horizontal beading lace motif on the sides of the hat
  2. I think its too snug (I should have increased more. It will fit someone, but not me!)
  3. The casing for the band—is bust. This style worked in finer cotton—but I think its too bulky for this yarn.
BUT I am about to bind off and fit in the wire—and finish it off.

I have a small stash (20 some odd balls, but only one 1 or 2 in any color) of Paton's 'Grace'--and will make another hat, and refine the details I don't like—and (HOPEFULLY!) end up with a better hat. The Grace is a bit thicker, and some of the fit problems will be resolved by gauge alone!

Meanwhile—I got a skein of white dyed a toasty brown—not a perfect toast (it's a bit too orange—but the dye bath looked a bit too blue—so I don't know what happed) but its close enough. It's already dark enough—I don't want to fool around with it, and make it darker.

See—toasty brown crust and spice orange brown pumpkin custard—won't these yarns work up into luscious socks?

And the blue and white swirl sock (version 3!) with beads? I thought about over dying and trying for a darker blue—but look—beads in the perfect blue! Much easier to buy a tube of new blue beads than to try and match the blue beads I have (I'll find a use for them—easily!)

-I went all out and bought 2 tubes—one called opaque sapphire (left)–the other Aqua mixed. (right) I still haven't decided which ones I'll use.

There won't be too many beads in the sock—just some that echo the swirl pattern of the first 20 or so rounds. And I'll be re-stringing the beads.

I've done both methods (pre-stringing and picking up with a crochet hook and adding as I go) and I think, for me, pre-stringing is easier.

Especially since the POOL is now open! And with summer like weather arriving with the traditional beginning of summer (Memorial day weekend)--I'll be spending more time at the pool.

The work on the terraces is progressing--they haven't started on my 'line”--that will be in a week or two—but its noisy enough that I will be spending more time at the pool than home—and it will be much easier to work with prestrung beads when knitting in public.

But socks will have to wait till next week—First the second version of the lace hat—and then June's socks. And maybe a bonus pair of socks sometime in the summer (4 pairs in the 3 month span of June, July and August)--
What socks will it be? Maybe some simple ones—top down, self striping yarn—mostly generic--(maybe a frill or two at the top)--Plus I want to get the Italian Ices done, too. Then Beaded Blue Swirls for July—and Pumpkin Pie in August--(so I have time to enjoy them before they become seasonal!)

I still have some red yarn and some grey, and another pair of bluish socks set up in my sock kits... But I don't think I'll get to them till autumn!

Besides the socks, some hats and scarves, and fingerless gloves, too. And Sewing... I am endlessly ambitious—but not nearly as productive!


Judy said...

I still like it! Have fun at the pool!

zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Sewing takes a lot of space if you are garment sewing. I'm fighting to regain the cutting tables in the sewing studio. Everything related to ceramics overran one of them so long ago that it's frightening.