Friday, May 27, 2011


And Back again.

I do it, again and again.
Get what I think is a good idea--(after dark) I try and work it out, and tell myself, this imperfection, but the imperfection will work out.

I persist—even in the light of day, trying to convince myself, that, some how, this pig's ear is going to evolve into a silk purse.

Enough—This morning, I frogged the 8 inches of mess, and started over.

Already, a neater tighter eyelet.
Already a smooth flat disk--(not a ruffled one)
Already a pretty pattern (a six pointed star)
Already the same 5 inches I had yesterday at this time.
Perhaps not a silk purse—but definitely not a sow's ear either!
I think--this time as I have begun , I will continue.
Neater, smoother, prettier.

Here look side by side--on the left, yesterday mess, on the right, todays much improved effort.

It's so clear I was fooling myself yesterday when I thought I could make things work out.

Maybe, now that I am on the right path—I'll make some real progress.

It's always a bit risky knitting with out a pattern. And trying to develop one as you go. Letting years of knitting and experimenting be your guide. But I almost always think the risk is worth the reward!

There are 22 rounds worked at this point--about 60 stitches to the crown of the hat.
And every one has been documented--(with stitch counts for every round!) I think (still) that I will need about 120 stitches before it will be be big enough around to stop increasing.
I got that many stitches yesterday, at it was about right(the diameter was about the only thing right at that point!--So I am off to work--knitting, documenting, knitting.
Watching a pretty hat take shape in my fingers. What fun!

The yarn is a oner—(well maybe not if you live in Japan!) but there are lots of other yarns (Paton's Grace cotton, I suspect) that will knit up to a similar gauge.

I don't get yarn support and write patterns for specific yarn. I knit with what I have .

But I think there are lots of yarns that will be quite suitable a summer hat in in almost everyones stash—and if not, many inexpensive cottons that can be readily found will work!

Hats (in general) are quick knits, and this lace hat is no exception.. I'll try to finish (before Tuesday)—and get fully written up and documented by mid June—plenty of time for you to knit one of your own before July 4th!--so you, too can have a lacy summer hat to knit and wear,


Judy said...

Like it!

Isn't funny how our minds work? I come up with an idea and if I play around with it and let it ferment a bit. I will go off in a direction I hadn't thought of with beautiful results.

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

I love the new improved!

zippiknits.....sometimes said...

You are a trailblazer. That's a very pretty pattern for the crown of a hat.