Sunday, May 08, 2011

Like Coals to Newcastle!

What else but a gift of yarn? Birthday presents, large, small, tangible and intangible keep coming in!

This yarn (a bit of mystery!) is from my sister in Japan—It's super fine and put up in 25gm balls (but there are 4.5 of them)—and each has 165 meters—so its a lot of yarn!

I think these will become a hat—a soft lacy hat, like my blue lace one.

I have the wire, and I like the blue one (but the brim is a bit too big) so a smaller lacy hat.

It's not a wool, nor cotton; likely a acrylic or some blend of synthetics fibers. The blue lace hat didn't use a full 400 yds.; I think I can double up this yarn and have plenty for a similar, but smaller hat.

As for the lace scarf—well, it's not to be. I love the yarn, I love the improved pattern, but, but, but. I was just not loving it as it was. So it's been frogged again.

It will re-emerge—better. But not right away. It still needs some planning.

So it's off to socks, sure, fail-safe socks.

Indigo socks, with a denim (read twill) theme.
Will they have 'belt loops”? Sure, why not!
And patch pockets? Well, there is an idea!
And a zipper?–No, no zippers!
No flat felled seams either, but there will be mock top stitching, and other fun details.

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