Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pretty Good Looking, Isn't It?

Especially, for a Failure, don't you think? I sewed down the life stitches all along the edge (all 145 of them!) and it's finished and looks remarkable good, but I don't like it. (I am so damn picky!)

It's functional—and can be folded up to less than 6 inches (will I make a small pouch for it? --Maybe but not a knit one! ) But it want to pop open--immediately.

So with new needles (well, actually needle—a single circ) and new yarn. Patons Grace, I started again.

And so cocks-sure of what I was doing, I just went to work. By the end of the first set of beading? Well, the count was off-- big time!

I can't just knit it once, write it down, and KNOW it. Well maybe I could if I did that in the morning-- but well, the damage is done!

So now the first dozen rounds are being re-written. And since the count is total different—every row will have to be rewriten!

So, this patterns is about to become version2.0—in blue. Aren't you glad you didn't buy version 1.0? ( I know, version 1.0 isn't for sale, but!) Only to find it to be replaced almost immediately with a new improved version?

I might end up packaging the two patterns together--(small/fine yarn version 1.0, large/not so fine yarn version 2. ) Or version 1 might wait for a while and be reworked.

In addition to being larger, version 2.0 is going to be slightly different in several other ways. I had already decided I didn't like the point mountain peak “petals”--so they are changing shape. (and so are the spaces between the petals) The side 'walls' of the hat will have a VERTICAL not a horizontal design element. The band will be different, and so will the brim. Well, actually, the plan for the brim is almost unchanged--except it will have the reshaped (and less pointy) petals, but it will be a bit deeper—and the hem will be slightly different too. (It was too tedious sewing down the hem!)

And, d'oh, the color—but I think sun hats can be knit in almost any color—and if version 2.0 works out—it will likely be re-knit (a third time!) in an other color—White, maybe. Or a sky blue (vs this aqua blue) or a soft, pastel shade of purple--(lilac--but not really), or spring green or (I know I have some Grace yarn in the above mentioned colors—and many more—but I can't remember what colors!

I made a fair isle sweater for my granddaughter when she was an infant—in a half dozen colors--(yes, a cotton, FAIR ISLE (the real thing!)) but I am not sure if I have enough of any one color left for a hat.

So far version 2.0 is working out better—softer (partly the yarn/partly the gauge) and flatter. The next few pattern motifs will have fewer increases, and the hat will slowly take on a more dome like shape—but it will be bigger (and better fitting). And quickly finished. And the pattern will be ready too, so you can make one of your own!

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JelliDonut said...

Yes you are picky--I think that hat is great!