Monday, May 23, 2011

Racing To The Finish

6 inches of sock knit by dinner time, Saturday, foot finished (and then some) by bedtime.

Well that's a bit of a stretch—the socks will have after thought heels (to keep the stripes all matching and the foot is only 7.75 with out the heel--)But I did had knit almost 9 inches by bed time

Sunday I had plans—but life interfered—but I did get some knitting done instead—and by last night, there are almost 13 inches of the leg knit. More this AM. (as i resolved petty software problems that prevented me from uploading photo's and making this post.

Pretty soon, the cuff and cast off!

The yarn is behaving very nicely—by inch 6, it was about 6 stitches out of perfect alignment.
I could claim this as testament to me, and my knitting---but any one who has knit socks knows—even the best sock yarns rarely stay even (Yarn Harlot, a few years ago, devoted a whole post to the first pair of socks she knit that stayed perfectly matched!--and I really think she knit more socks than I do).

So while I'd love to take credit—I think credit is due on the manufacturing end.
(This yarn is made in Turkey—I am so glad it's there, and not made in China) There are quite a few yarns that come from Turkey. I wish more were made locally—but its nice to see this quality—where ever it is from.

Think about it—my gauge is about spot on (43 rows per 4 inches (suggested gauge on the label is 42) --6 inches = about 64 rows(round)--if the spacing of the color changes was off by just 1 stitch per round—by now I would be a full round 'off'--instead, I am about 6 stitches off, (1 stitch or about 6mm deviation every inch of knitting.) Nicely done! Though I suspect—I am just lucky—because I am knitting so close to gauge—but a quick glance are other FO's (socks in particular), made with yarn, show most of them are very similar (that is—the stripes stay even in both socks.)

At this rate, I'll be less than ½ of a rounds deviations by the the time the sock is 16 or so inches long--(a quesstimate number for finished length. —9 inches total for foot, 9 inches for leg and cuff—but since 2 inches of those are heels—the instep side (and current tube) will are/will be shorter.

No one is going to notice a less than a half round of difference in stripe—certainly not at 5 feet—and since my feet are usually on the ground, and most peoples eyes are on there head—there is about 5 feet from eyeballs to heels!

Here are slices—(Interesting how the patterning changes, isn't it?)—but it does pattern—its not just tweedy patches. I am not sure I like the stripe pattern/color way as it knits up. Well, its not so much that I dislike it –it's just not something I particularly like. It looked more interesting in the skein.

And I am thinking—these socks don't really count—I'll be using them for display and demo's—And June is just around the corner.. Another pair of simple socks? Or Something special?

I have Pie on my mind—and italian ices. (but neither is idea is packed up ready to go.) It might be time to repack the empty sock project bags (from the socks I've already knit so far this year) and put up a pie mix, and scoops of ices.

There are some beaded socks to come to.. (and I have to find my list--I don't remember all the ideas I had at the beginning of they year.--and I've had other ideas since then....

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Oh Helen, you are good. You are very good! hehe

I had the heel not match but I don't know if an afterthought would fit me. Too scared to try it!