Friday, May 20, 2011

Rivets and Belts--

Those are the over the top details that still need to be completed –but with patch pockets sew on an trimmed out—the socks are really just about done.
The belt is likely going to be some red and black--(a folded bandanna look)-I have some left over (a very small scrap) of LB magic stripe 'lumberjack' color way. But they could be worn as is.

They won't be--worn that is--—partly because we are slowly, but surely approaching summer (and I go sock less most of the summer) and secondly, I tend to keep special socks for a while before wearing.

I just last week, for the first time, wore my peach socks (knit in December) I still haven't worn my monkey socks—and really they are just not that special—its just happenstance. I haven't even thought of wearing the new Garnets in Granite socks—they are way to new, and way to special to wear right away--(I NEED to keep them pristine and cuddle able for a while yet!)

The ho-hum side cable socks (almost generic) have been worn (twice) and the puffy socks (which are a repeat pattern) have been worn (once).

These socks will be saved for something/someday special—If it were mid winter, a special day would be with in the month—but since there are fewer sock days in summer, these denim socks might not get their first wearing till labor day. But I am labeling them done on Ravelry!

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