Monday, May 02, 2011

Socks—Details, Details

So the Garnets in Granite socks are done—finished up in the last hours, of the last day, of April. (And likely to remain in the to be admired, not worn pile, till the fall!)

I might have finished them earlier—but Friday night I got no knitting done—instead I had an early birthday dinner with my daughter—I could tell you all about it—but since she reviewed the restaurant back in October August —why not read her review –if you care.

I mean, how many of you are going to come to NYC—and then go to a restaurant in downtown Flushing?

Not that Flushing isn't with out its merit—it does have historic sights—and it's Chinatown twice the size of Manhattan's Chinatown—though its more a PanAsia town—since there are lots of Korean, and other Asian groups (from Pakistan--> east!) represented, not just Chinese from every province. But maybe you like reading reviews. (I do, sometimes.) Or maybe you come to Flushing for the US Tennis Open --and want to do something different--It just about a mile from the stadium-and open 24 hours day.

I ended the stitch pattern about mid instep of the sock—(and the beads inches before that) since I don't much like fancy stitches in my shoe. I finished with different toe—it's not really that different—but it's not common either (I can't believe I am the only one who uses this style—but I haven't really seen anyone else use it either!)

It ends up being shaped sort of like a flat/aka French toe—a standard sort of sock toe (that is a toe with this sort of pattern:
K2, SSK, knit till 4 from end, K2tog, K2 (on each side of the sock (top and sole))

But the decreases are moved—I knit X (about 1/3rd of the stitches) K2tog, K center, SSK, knit last third—the decreases are in the outer section –the outer third of the toe is whittled away until only the center stitches remain, and then these are grafted for the bind off.

Folded (as might be for slipping on a sock blocker)—toe looks like a standard flat toe looks--when folded flat the other way.

The center section is larger than the side 'strip' found on standard toe shaping--(it has 8 stitches, not 4 as would be more common.)

It fits about the same as a flat toe shape—it just give the sock a different look—it's a change up—and I like change ups.

For me—it's all the fun details of sock— that I really like.
Which cast on? (there are good dozen choices that are really super stretchy)
Which ribbing? Or if not ribbing—what?
What pattern for the leg?—Solid yarn are best, I think, for fancy stitches—fancy yarns (even a simple self stripe) are better suited for simpler knitting (mostly stocking knit).

Then the heel! So many choices—so many details to consider—Fit—first and foremost, but not just fit. The shape, the stitches, the yarn—a fancy heel for back less shoes (to show off) or a sturdy heel for good wearing properties for more conventional shoes (and, for want of a better term)—sneakers.
Simple gussets? Or should I move them—to the instep, to the sole?
How far down the instep of the sock does the design continue, and finally the shape of the toe—Flat or round or star or pointed. Or something else entirely! All of these options--and how they are combined make sock knitting fun.

Well-- one more pair off the list of 14 ideas for socks (that list has grown to 20 in the meanwhile)—but well—there is no end to good ideas is there?

As for my lace—here's peek—it's much more liniar with the bands of stocking knit between the (shell, berry/leaf) motifs—Strawberries in bed perhaps!

It's pretty fine (these are little wild strawberries)--not the monster sized one I had the other day--just look a the size of this strawberry--(that is an egg (a large egg)) there for comparison --Yohza! A strawberry on steriods!


JelliDonut said...

I have stayed in Flushing many times, and yes it was for the US Open. But never ate at your birthday restaurant. Might have to rectify that. We probably won't stay at the Flushing Sheraton again--they jacked up the rates so high it's just not affordable--but that restaurant sounds like it would be worth the trip.

Nanette said...

Oh I like your socks and especially the fun toe. I need to play around with some different and unusual toes. (That sounds weird! LOL)