Tuesday, May 17, 2011

That's Some Big Heel!

So I had frogged back the flap to about where I thought it should be.. Then worked the turning ( a V or handkerchief one). I started with *31 stitches and ended with 17. (*see below)
I pick up stitches for the gusset, and counted them, but didn't think about it--I ended up picking up
20 stitches on each side of the flap.

That's 20 +20 +17—or 57 stitches on the heel side of a nominally 60 stitch sock! Madonna! That's a lot of stitches!

I thought about it last night when it seemed I was knitting and knitting and knitting and not making much progress with the gussets.

(I still have 47 stitches left on the heel side!-- that would be an other 16 rounds to be completed! So a change is in the works—for the next 8 rounds I will be doing double increase (2 increase per round, every round) and in 8 rounds I will be done with the gussets.)

The extra ease (and 57 stitches in a gusset is extra ease) will be fine—I have a high instep and socks are often snugger than I'd like on the upper part of the foot (these won't be!) and I have a wide foot (EEE) so 60 stitches /size 2.75 (US 2)/ 8.10 stitch to the inch) is usually a fairly snug sock—but the oblique rib works to a looser gauge—so its not too snug. (My foot measures 9.25 inches around, but its almost 13 inches at the fullest part of the heel)--unlike my LEG--which is slender with a narrow size 6 (not size 9!) foot.  Socks often look baggy on LEG--(and are baggy!) but not so on my tree trunks and gunboats!)

I'm liking these socks—but the urge for knitting lace is strong --I was playing with a swatch on with yet another yarn—and thinking? Why a shawl? Why a scarf? Why not gloves? Lacey gloves! Few stitches in total, and something I do wear (albeit just seasonally).. But there are all the fingers to knit (and I have 10 of them!)

So I think a pair of gloves are in the works... Reverse engineered gloves (the fingers (the tedious part) knit first, and the thumb, too) and then continue to hand and cuff (and a deep cuff at that!) A nice warm fiber (Cashmere) -so the gloves will still be warm with all the lace.

*The oblique rib works best with an odd number, when its worked in the round, so I started with 60 (for even ribbing) and round one of the pattern, added 1 stitch. But I don't need an odd number when working just the instep.
I'll correct the count just before I start the toe --but I have worked grafting with 10/11 stitches or other odd numbered pairs—I just have to be sure to start the first stitch on the larger number side.

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JelliDonut said...

I have glove-phobia. I hope you'll offer some tips for knitting those pesky fingers, especially where they join up with the hand.