Saturday, May 21, 2011

Up Next?

Another Pair of Socks—IMMEDIATELY!

These are going to be simple generic toe up socks--and semi secret.

I want to prepare them for a class (that I haven't yet won the right to teach!) on learning to knit socks 2 at a time—toe up, using Judy's magic cast on. They will be mostly stocking knit—letting the self striping and patterning elements of the yarn provide all the interest. A key element of the proposal is the yarn—Oh,yeah, it's new –to the market, and to me.

I am hoping they knit up as pretty as the yarn in the skein looks (so far, so good) —the color way is called Canyon (which might be enough of a hint for some of you to guess the label/brand of sock yarn.)

Stripes of yellow and orange, green and deep, deep purple, with self patterning bits in plum and cream and grape and cream.

I started them yesterday afternoon—and will just knit them up quick as I can, and put together a proposal for a class. So far I've just gotten the toe knit—3 inches worth actually. I am just to the point of seeing how all the colors play—and I am happy so far with the 'self patterning' element—and the size of the stripes. But I must say—the yarn is being marketed as a luxury sock yarn—and it is exceptionally soft and lovely in hand.

Of course, the decision had already been made for the next sock in

the rotation to be a plain generic sock—the only real issues are:

1—This yarn wasn't the yarn that I planned to use—but I am flexible!

2—I hadn't planned to start another pair of socks quite so soon—but hey, socks are a quick knits.

3—While I love the color way—it's um, not going to match much of my wardrobe.

But-- I now have a bunch of socks that are good matches—and the color way does have a good deal of purple—and I do have a few purple skirts—so I suppose they won't be too out of place.

I might start the fingers of the gloves too. The first inch or so are going to be plain knitting—that will slowly evolve into lace—with more lace on th back of the hand (and less –well actually none!) on the palm of the hand.

Or—if not the gloves—the Leaf project. I see the completed leaves and the yarn for the rest of them, sitting there, patiently waiting for me come back to them.

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JelliDonut said...

Any hints about the yarn for those of us who don't have a clue?