Monday, June 13, 2011

1 More Time? Or Time and Time Again?

Saturday evening saw the finishing bits of hat 3, in fushia (or as I think of it, cherry red).

Sunday afternoon? Yellow yarn jump onto the needles! By 6 PM, the crown, by 9 pm, the sides, by bedtime, the most of the band was knit.

Here I am Monday morning, about to start working on the brim of hat 4.

This is the last of these hats! .. I think. Maybe..

Definitely! I am starting socks—Blue and white socks with beads. As soon as this yellow hat is done.

But...I was thinking.. I have extra blue beads (remember, I bought 2 tubes? Not sure of which would be a better match to the sock yarn?) and I have some skeins of Grace cotton in a matching blue--OK I am just showing one, and truth be told, there a 3 very similar blues, and not 2 skeins in a single color/dye lot.

Wouldn't it be pretty to have not just lace beading, but beaded lace? Wouldn't it bring the hat design over the top to add beads to it? Shouldn't I make just one more hat?

NO, no, no! No more hats! Socks! I am going to knit socks, and take some left over sock yarn and knit a bottle sock or two.

I bring ice water--or more accurately big chunks of ice-- frozen in reusable metal bottles—with me to the pool. (The ice manages to become ice water all on its own!) And I go to the pool most ever day, even if just for an hour. My 2 bottle socks get soiled pretty quick. I have a bunch of bottles (4 metal ones, and a few plastic ones) and just 2 bottle socks. The bottles cycle into and out of the freezer. The bottle socks are very useful; 1—they make the bottles more comfortable to hold, and 2—wool is, as we all know, a good insulator.

Water (ice) bottles with woolen socks keep the ice icy and the water colder much longer than naked bottles—especially since some of the bottles are (what was I thinking?) dark (black, grey. green) heat absorbing colors. Bottle socks are easy—they are shorter than real socks, and shapeless—no heels needed!

So here is the plan: 1 pair of Blue and white swirl sock, with blue beads, 1 pair of bottle socks (a mixed pair) and then, and only then, a 5th version of the G Class lacy sun hat. And, come July, well a new plan!

And for Robyn—I'll bring my camera to Tuesday Knitting at LIC-and get some nice photos of me (and perhaps others) wearing the hats.. But Hey, why don't you come? Even if for a short while with the girls? Manducatis has great pizza and gelato, as well as knitting!

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Judy said...

Insert evil cackle here! I really think you should indulge that urge for a beaded hat! It would be so beautiful! LOL Aren't you so glad I encouraged you! LOL!