Thursday, June 30, 2011

30 Days Later

6 hats and pair of socks!

I finished up the terracotta version last night--(close to midnight) and that makes 6 hats knit in June—and virtually all of them identical except for color!

Aqua, fushia, multi blue/white and violet(the least successful) buttery yellow, white and now a creamy orange!

It's rather exceptional! I knit my socks 2 at time—because I usually dislike re knitting the same thing twice. My early attempts at sweaters all resulted in vest—I never got 2 sleeves knit –not for the longest time.

I admit, June's socks were a repeat of a design I've knit before. But there were changes—the swirl socks have been knit 3 times—and each time the cast on has changed. And the first few rows/or rounds, too. And this last time there was the added change of beads.

And I'll admit there are minor variations in the hats—but really 6 identical hats in 30 days is some sort of record!--And while I will take a break and knit some bottle socks—I do plan to make some more hats –while the summer is still in full bloom. I still have 2 skiens of black yarn, and several skeins of violet—and of course, the blue! I think I might have enough white cotton for an other white hat (since there are plans afoot to give hats away, 2 in the same color isn't a problem.)

6 lace hats in 30 days! I wouldn't have believed I could do that!

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gayle said...

I knit my sleeves two at a time, linking them together on one side so I don't lose track of which direction I'm going. I do the same thing with sweater fronts. (It's easier to work out the reverse shaping if I'm doing them at the same time!)