Sunday, June 12, 2011

Again and Again, and 1 More Time

This cherry red (or if you want to go with Patons designation, fushia) hat is number 3—in a series.

And I am still thinking (not as energetically--but) that I want a dozen—one in every color, and then some!

Actually, the yarn –Patons Grace DK mercerized cotton comes in 23 something colors.. So one in every color would be almost 2 dozen. But I don't much like the multicolor mixes—they obscure the lace, and don't add enough other interest to make them desirable.

Sticking to just the available solids (and the colors available do change—I don't think there is a fushia in the mix any more—but there is another bright pink-wildberry) I think I would grow bored (and run out of summer time) if I just knit this hat design over and over again.

But—I really do like the pattern, and I love the hats. (There is some yellow yarn jousting for position--it wants to be the next hat!)

Speaking of the pattern—it's been edited and practically re-written-- line by line.
In doing so, I lost 2 pages of text (at this point, with out any photo's or a glossary of terms, its 7 pages long! Down from 9!)

There are no charts—just text—but each line is clear (and there is a lot of separation between the line). There are hints on the best places to put in life lines, and the directions are broken down into motifs. There is a lot of white space in those 7 pages.

Every time there is an increase, the pattern notes the new stitch count--so you can quick check and make sure you got the increases right—and not discover it a few rounds latter.

The Beginning of Round marker moves a few times--That's about the hardest part of the pattern.

The skills needed are Knits, and Purls, and Yarn Overs, SSK's and K2tog's and a few Raised Center Decreases. There are tucks, and hems, and a eyelet cast on. Not a beginners pattern, but nothing to hard for anyone who has ever done any lace.

There are 2 pages of instructions about the wire for the brim--(some tools are needed—but nothing unusual—If you have a rotary tool (I LOVE MY ROTARY TOOL) in the house, you'll have all the tools you need. But that's not knitting--its hardware!

My test knitter is starting soon--(any minute!) and I should be ready to release the pattern next week.

Keep watching for details. —You, too, could have a lace hat for the 4th of JULY!

Wait--I have some true red, and some white, do I have any navy yarn? Should I make a tri-colored hat for the holiday?


Anonymous said...

Love the hat! Would it also look good without the wire?

Unknown said...

In a word--NO! The wire stretches/blocks the lace and gives the hat shape. with out the wire, it look like a messy bowl of knit spaghetti.

Once the wire is added--it is self blocking and beautiful.

Robyn said...

Helen, I want to see a picture of at least one of these hats on YOU!