Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ask and you shall receive

Robyn asked for a photo of me modeling my one of my hats.

Here's the first of few.. Eventually, one (the best!) will be singled out and will become my new avatar image—On Facebook, on Ravelry, on YouTube....

Well, just about everywhere. I will phase out me fun and silly image of me with my spiky sea urchin hat and replace it with one of me wearing one of my G Class Star hats!

Oh, yes, you're right—that me in the newest version—a soft butter yellow. Finished last night, early enough for me to spend some time threading bead onto my sock yarn for my beaded blue sock.

Oh, yes, I am—I am going to knit socks, and I am going to knit like a speed demon—because I want to make an other hat—a blue one, with shiny blue beads! Curses, Judy! (but you know I really wanted to any way, as soon as I thought of it.)

This sort of hat (a nice brimmed hat) is a style that suits many faces.. Rose Kennedy always wore one (she pointed out, the brim made it easy for photographers to crop others out of the image, and just focus on her!)

I love hats—I knit 100 for every one I wear—but these hats? These hats will get plenty of wear!

In addition to the beaded blue version, I am thinking how to make a double knit version—with a fine lacy top, and more substantial lining, in a 2 shades of wool. The more substantial lining can't be too heavy (worsted would be too heavy!)

It has to be be fine (sports weigh? Lighter maybe fingering weight?) with a fold up or down ear flap or some sort of ear cover or.. I don't know what to call it, but I know what I want! I want something fluid and draping, and fine enough to tuck into the crown for dress wear! But also big enough to cover the ears and the back of the neck for cold days!

The same wire in the brim to give the hat some shape.. maybe even a lacy unlined brim with a double layer crown. Oh, its going to take some planning! But what a hat it will be.


Judy said...

MAWHAHAHAH! Glad I could be of help! And I love how that hat looks on you! A winter version would be so cool!

Robyn said...

Love it on you! And thank you.

Part of why i wanted to see it on you was that I wanted to get a better sense of the width of the brim on an actual head.

But I also wanted to see it on YOU! Look forward to the new avatar!

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Ta-dah! Looks great! Well done.