Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Busy with this, busy with that

Mostly busy, editing the pattern for the hat (yesterday). But that's done. Sadly the gussets on the Beaded Blue Swirl socks aren't. Almost. But almost isn't done!

They are extra deep--(as a way of an excuse) I did a half round turning, and ended with 17 stitches, and picked up 19 on each flap-- (or 55 stitches on the heel side of a 62 stitch sock! ) And yes, I did do the heel (flap and turning) working with an odd number. I will likely go down to an even 60 stitches after the gussets complete.

The top hem of the sock started with 68 stitches cast on, and was worked as simple double knitting—an extended tubular cast on—for 4 rows (yes, rows, not rounds)
I joined into a round and started 2 by 2 ribbing. As a general rule, I don't like they way 2 by 2 ribbing looks with a tubular cast on—It is, I think barely passable if you do Judy's Magic Cast on—and then IMMEDIATELY change to 2 by 2 ribbing.

But—I like the ways the contrasting purls appear –pushing out of arched gaps in the white. I don't think it would look as good in a single color—I think the contrast--and depth added by the blue yarn makes a difference.

The first time I made this pattern--(yellow and grey) I used a 2 color long tail cast on--and it was worked too tight—in retrospect! Followed by 1 X 1 corrugated ribbing. The socks are a bit snug going over the ankle.

In version 2, a tubular cast on, (the Italian style cast on) and 2 rows of simple 2 color double knitting, that morphed into 1 X 1 ribbing—the fit and ease was much better --the raspberry swirl sock are 2 inches taller than the yellow and grey swirl socks—and easily go over my heels.

But--the swirl pattern is a 2 X 2 pattern,, and I wasn't as pleased with the change from a 1 X 1 2 color rib, to a 2 X 2 stocking knit pattern.

These socks are the 3rd try—and this time I got it right! The 2 by 2 ribbing changes into a 2 X 2 color spiral--(OK so the beads obscure the pattern—and I made a mistake in round 3 of the pattern) but I am not producing (well not now) perfect socks for a show—just fun socks for me to wear when ever.

Maybe—(when? I still have a dozen other ideas for sock I want to try!) if I make them again, I'll get them perfect—the best cast on, with the best look when changing to ribbing, and perfect spirals with perfectly placed beads.

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