Friday, June 10, 2011

Done—and Now, Another One!

Whee! I Am Knitting Hat 3!

About 3 hours after I finished hat 2—the multi color version (version 2.1) of my lacy hat, I started with a third hat. This time, I am going to try for a second (documented!) copy of version 2.0—and maybe I will pair the two patterns and sell them as 1-- (1 hat pattern, 2 versions of the brim).

And I have decided—it is a lacy sun hat--(not a flowery hat). Those point are like the stylized ray of the sun, not stylized petals of a flower. The sun makes a better basis for the hat since there are 6 rays, and 6 rays, and then 10 rays--(and these are not Fibonacci's numbers, as would be found in nature!) And besides, while we call our local star, the Sun, stars do come in a number of colors--and this hat is shaping up to come in a bunch of colors.

My newest version is a bright cherry--(is it cherry red? or Hot Pink?)--I think at some point I might become bored with knitting this hat—but not yet! I love how it looks in different colors—and beside, I HAVE to knit at least 1 more after this cherry one.

Once I decided it was a lacy sun hat—it became –The G Class Star Hat-- (our sun is a G Class Star) and G class stars are considered yellow. Scientist choose a color for a star is based on temperature—(We have all seen a candle flame, and seen a blue center, (by the wick) the hottest part of the flame, and light yellow (and much cooler) flame tips)

G Class stars are smaller (and cooler) and considered yellow stars. (I am told, really discerning eyes can see different colors to stars—but since I only see a few stars on any given night—I will have to take their word for it.)

Getting back to the name, (A G Class Star Hat) if I am going to NAME this lacy sun hat for a G Class star—I should make a YELLOW version, too, don't you think?

So far, my color choices have been pretty simple—What colors of Paton Grace so I have 2 (or more) skeins of in my stash? Aquatic? Yes (1 hat) Lavender (the multicolor)? Yes. (A second hat) Cherry? Yes. (Hat 3, to be.)

I also have some yellow, and some orange, and some medium blue, too. And I have 2 more ripped and useless el-cheapo pop up hampers--(8 wires available to me!) A potential wardrobe of lace hats!

It's all good-- till I get bored. Then I will drop the lace hats cold, and go back to knitting socks.

The yarn, all bagged up, for the Beaded blue swirl sock AND the yarn for the multicolor Italian Ices socks are whimpering and crying to be knit--(but I haven't worn a pair of socks in a week or more, and these lace hats are so much fun!)


JelliDonut said...

They really are gorgeous! Congrats on such a wonderful pattern. I can see why you want to keep knitting them.

Judy said...

Lace hats. . .socks, it is all knitting!

Virginia G said...

That's a great hat! Love it.