Monday, June 27, 2011

First White, then Terracotta

As I came to the brim—I divided the hats—I needed to. Most often (90% of the time or more!) I buy circular needles about 29 to 32 inches long--(look, see, below. I've been doing this for a long time!) but every once in a while, I do buy shorter ones.

When I went to grab a second size 4 needle to do the 2 hats, 2 at a time, on 2 circ's I managed to pick up one of my few 20 inch long needles. And things just got a bit crowded on the shorter needle. It was easier to divided the 2 hats onto the 2 available needles- (than to get up and find the needle photographed to right.--Can you see the price? $1.50!)

Right now, the short needle is acting as a stitch holder for the terracotta hat—and the white hat is nearing completion on the 32 inch long circ.

I've laid down a dark green drape for contrast (I really dislike it when someone takes a picture of white lace on a white background!) Just a few more rounds and the brim will be finished!

Yesterday I got the sides of the hat knit while gallivanting about—Skinny Cow had a perfect cup event--all about cups— Skinny Cow and the other great cups in a woman life—Bra's! And I got to go--(thank you Jennifer!) --while there were some lines--(it was all lines!) they were fast moving, and well organized. Kudos to the planners!— with all the lines, it never felt strung out!

There were lines to get in, and lines for free samples of SkinnyCow, and lines for free drinks (what's a party with out a glass of wine?) Lines, too for being fitted (my fitter was very impressive(not))—she decided I should wear a D cup—when in reality, I barely fill a B.

But she listened to me, and found a lovely Warner Bra that came in my size (40B) and after another short, fast moving line, I had a coupon for a free bra and goody bag! (I fit into the bra better than the model—who is showing a bit of muffin top-and spillage at the sides--I didn't show the least!) Maybe the style is supposed to have a bit of push up (and it's not, appearances aside, muffin top) but the B cup fit me close and smooth—and that's an OK look for me.

It was good spending time with my daughter--(who also knew her correct bra size—36C) and doing something different. Look at the goody bag, with a T shirt, and clear plastic make up knitting notion bag, a tube of lip gloss and a sample Skinny Cow snack bar-as well as the bra (and other coupons)

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JelliDonut said...

That is one awesome goody bag!