Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Full 5 Inches

In sock math—is more than half a foot! I need about 9inches (well 9.25) and the last 2 inches are toe (and every an ever decreasing number of stitches) –and my beaded blue swirl socks are more than half done.

The sole of the sock (measured from the first row of the turning) was already 4inches long by the time I finished the gussets—I like the way socks fit with deep heel flaps and long gussets—i have a high instep and this feels better (and fits better) though it does make the sock knitting a bit slower. Decreasing from 55 stitches back down to 31 stitches is 40 rounds! Once its done, the 62 stitches of the sock seem like nothing!

Today—the weather is unsettled—the sky's are intermittently cloudy—the forecast is for thunder showers –intermittently Maybe I'll get the pool—maybe I won't. Maybe I'll get some knitting done—maybe I won't. Maybe I'll get some sewing done—I am wearing a 're-formated' outfit today—a cotton/linen blend camp shirt and shorts—but the shorts never fit right—last year the shorts got cut down, and had a solid denim skirt added—and Voila! A set that is very wearable.

I have a ton of fabric to sew—and I love having new clothes.. But if the sky's clear—you'll find me pool side!

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