Friday, June 17, 2011

In Spite of Best Intentions

These socks are making very slow progress!

They look nice—but beading plus color work makes the knitting slow going...Thank goodness there color work is only for the first 20 rounds or so... and then the socks become super simple solid, single color stocking knit.

The beads are threaded on the white yarn—and once the white color work swirl is finished—so it the beading.

OK maybe, just maybe, I will dot a few on the solid blue part of the leg.. but if I do, it will be very few.

The toe will echo the color work—but no beading in the toe (D'oh!)

I could make a thousand excuses and explanations.--running back and forth to the garage (I have a new car--(No I don't)—I just spent half the cost of it on repairs)—and it rides like new—shock, struts and brakes—plus something (some sort of drive linkage in the front) else, and a few minor repairs, (a thermostat, a directional signal)--Next month is inspection time—and everything that might need to be done is done.

And there has been time in the pool—it's almost never too cold for me to hop in for an hours worth of a light weight work out—leg lifts, and arm curls with under water weights. And I've been getting some sewing in too...

But blue (and beads) and white, and black, and a ginger green, and creamy orange (terracotta) skeins of cotton are all waiting to be come hats.

Pam has made a good start (with just one clarification needed) and Katherine should be reporting in any minute (yesterday at this time she was about to start the brim) –so very soon I hope—a fully proofed pattern for sale.

Debbie—who started knitting this time last year (with a spool knitter) is 3 inches in to her first pair of socks—toe up, 2 at a time—and while far from perfect—making good progress. Maybe I'll bring my camera to the pool tomorrow to show you her progress.

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