Thursday, June 23, 2011

Inching Along

Really—hot weather, some chores, the pool—so many distractions-so little knitting done.

It's not really that hot—but its very humid—the smallest effort works up a sweat.

So—an inch--(and now half a foot is equal to 6 inches!) is some progress.

Here, on The Legs—where they look much closer to being finished than they actually are. And in this second image, (more than most) you can see the lovely shades of blue--this semi solid is really quite lovely--the various shades make it very rich looking.

The Legs have are smaller than average—with narrow ankles and calves, and narrow (US) sized 6 feet. (I have larger than life Triple E, US sized 9 feet.)

Today is another hot (well warm 80°) day with heavy wet air (its cloudy, and overcast, and the weather reports promise more thunder showers) but I'll work at getting another inch knit. And—Then!—it will be time for the swirly patterned toe. The toe will go fast! They always do—every round is smaller and smaller and then they are done!

I have an idea too—maybe the next hat will be a pair—2 hats at a time, done on 2 circ's! That way I can knit one for me, and one as a gift!

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

What beautiful socks! I'm just catching back up on my blog reading and want to say congrats on the lovly hat pattern you have up at Ravelry. huzzah, Helen!