Friday, June 24, 2011

My Work is Complete! (For the moment)

June socks done before June is! I finished them (but they were partially finished days ago) last night. All the knitting done and ends woven in by 9PM or so.

I am—in spite of a few small errors in my knitting—pleased with these socks. It's always a gamble with you change something—and beads are a big change—but they worked out. The socks are prettier than I hoped—which is perfect for me. I always want to admire a finished pair of socks for a few day, (or weeks, or months sometimes) –and it's warm enough in the NYC area that I have no desire at all to wear socks—I can admire these till September easily!

My reward to my self was two fold. I rooted around, and found a second circ—and packed a project bag with Patons Grace in Terracotta and in White (or at they call it, Snow) –I am ready to go with still more G Class Star Sun Hats.

I have another 2 defective pop up hampers—I could knit 8 hats with the supples on hand! Maybe not all with the Grace cotton (but I do have 3 skeins of violet—and if I mixed colors --a bright yellow crown, and marigold yellow brim, for example) I do have plenty of Grace cotton for a few hats—and I have some silk—that is about the right weight (and just a so -so color) I could make a silk hat!

I am putting the beaded version of the sun hat off till next week—I love the look of beaded knitting—but truth is—it is a bit slow and tedious. First the is stringing the beads (and having done both pre-stringing and crochet placing—I think I like the pre-stringing better—but not by much though) and secondly—I have to plan how and where to place the beads! I think I might need a second tube of beads, too. (And since the hat uses 2 skeins—I am thinking about how many beads to string on each skein.)

Finally—I have a range of colors all packed up—and I am looking forward to making a colorful pair of italian ice socks (in July—but then July is just around the corner!) Next after them? I think some lavender flower socks in the sock yarn I dyed in various shades of violet/purple last month—Some lacy ones—Not knee hi's (like these) but and definitely something that looks floral.

But this thinking is influenced by the purple yarn being out where I can see it, and my other sock kits being out of sight (and momentarily forgetten!)

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gayle said...

I've loved watching those socks grow...
And the hats as well. With so many pretty colors, how on earth are you going to choose which one to wear?