Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Quick Progress Report--

4 inches—all swirled and beaded. And a bit more.

Now just some plain knitting, a heel, a foot and final swirls (a beadles one) for the toe.

The blue is so pretty—It doesn't really match any thing in my wardrobe—but it will go well enough with denim, and well enough with other blue clothes.. An effort was made to have a semi solid, and its a pleasure to knit and see the subtle colors.

I have an errand to run—and then I grab my bag (already packed) and schlep off to Brooklyn to one of the last WWKIP events—on the steps of the library, at the Grand Army Plaza.

I'll be wearing my hat--(the aqua one) and having a great time (the day promises to be nice—warm but not overly hot, and breezy. (one of my errands is stop at the ATM—there is a farmers market at the Grand Army Plaza –so WWKIP day is farm fresh veggies day, too)

Of course, one of my still to come lacy hats is almost the same shade of blue..(but its a rare day I knit a sun hat and wool socks!)

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JelliDonut said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend. I love those swirly socks!