Saturday, June 04, 2011

Second Sock Syndrome (of a sort)

I have it. I knit my socks 2 time, because in general, I DISLIKE knitting 2 of anything back to back. (Thank goodness twins don't run in the family!)

But occasionally—I am so entranced with a pattern or an idea—that I can churn out a couple of dozen candy corns, or half a dozen eyeballs, or a few lace hats--before getting bored.

I finished the aquatic blue (Paton's name for the color) summery lace hat last night (before dinner!--OK, OK, it has 3 ends still to be woven in, but...) and right after dinner started right in on a second version!
I have the top done--and I am starting in on the sides. (Easier knitting with no increases, and no tedious counting stitches).

This time, a variegated color way of the Paton Grace. For me, variegated yarns are always a triumph of hope over experience—They look so pretty in the skein, (hope) and somehow, almost always manage to disappoint in the fabric—(experience) )

The colors are lovely. So far, no pooling or generally ugliness. But they do obscure the lace pattern. Especially here on white background. But I don't care. These colors suit me, (and will go well with a chunk of my summer wardrobe) and I HAD them.

I think the lace will be more evident when on my head (with its mix of dishwater blond and grey) and certainly the lace will be prominent on the brim—especially when the light shines through. .

OH, wait, I did mention above that I finished the aqua Lacy Summer hat—do you want to see?

The patten is being proofed now, (and test knit) and this re-knit is helping with the proofing. Hats are quick knits, and this hat is no exception—but it is exceptional!

It makes it easy to overcome second anything syndrome--I want a dozen of these hats. One in every color of the rainbow, and a white one too. I think I will get bored long before I knit more than a few. But for now....

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Lilacs 4 Angels said...

I need a new summer hat and this looks like the perfect one! Love it and can't wait for the pattern.