Saturday, June 25, 2011

Twice The Fun—and No Where Near Twice the Time

A percentage of time knitting isn't really spent knitting (ie making stitches) –a percentage is spent turning work, and moving stitches to the tip of the needle, and mentally 'positioning' ones self (Ah, I am at row (round) X—and it's an increase R—and I need to..)

Making two hats at a time on 2 circ's—just like making anything on 2 circ's or magic loop—involves a larger than average amount of time to position the stitches for the first few round.

But each round (or rather on average, every other round) is bigger—and physical positioning take less time and mental position takes less time, too. So very quickly—the progress seems quicker.

I didn't get around to starting the hats till early yesterday afternoon—and by dinner time—I has reached the last increase round in the crown. After dinner, I completed the crown and hubris and I had a meeting. I had to tink just 1 round. By bedtime—the first third of the side of the hat(s) were complete.
At this point—they pretty much fill the shorter (24inch) of my 2 cics—and can't both be seen stretched out.

That's were I am now—Today want to finish the sides and the hat bands, and maybe even start the brims The brims are bigger (more increases) but its always to encouraging to be that close to DONE the work will be quick.

Doing both hats at once still seems faster—but really it's easy lace(Yo's and toghters are closely paired) —and it's such a happy hat--(and I am so greedy in wanting a wardrobe of them!)--and for the past few days in NY—its the only sun to be seen (3 of grey sky's, and thunderstorms are 2 days too many)

After these, I still have some bottle socks to knit— has a pattern for one a few years ago—suggested for a wine bottle. But I love bottle socks for water bottles—those lovely, easy to wash, wide mouthed (easy to stuff ice cubes into) metal bottles—some with key rings attached, some with pop up, easy to drink from spouts, ALL green—refilled with tap water, no wasteful plastics. Wool is an excellent insulator—it keeps humans warm on cold days—but it also keeps ice water icy on hot days.

Even with my gunboat sized feet—I almost always have left over sock yarn—and bottle socks are small—and a great way to use up left overs.

The directions (do you need directions?) cast on 10, increase 10 more,every other round till you have a small flat disk about the same size as the base of your bottle. Turn work (knit on the wrong side) for 3 to 5 rounds--with no increases—these purls on the front of the work make a natural “turn” and give the sock some shape—turn again and work even till you run out of yarn, or till the sock is as tall as you bottle. Ribbing for the last inch or so, or a set of eyelets (YO, K2to) to thread a cord through are nice touches. Most of my bottles are about 7 to 9 inches tall—so 1 bottle sock is equal (in time, in effort, in material) to about ½ of 1 sock (or ¼ of a pair of socks.)

If you are me, you'll end up spilling thing on them (black coffee, ice tea, juice and fruit punches) and you'll need a few. If you have a family–and a collection of bottles—you'll need lots of them. It's a good think they are quick to knit!

PS--Gayle wants to know where I will wear all these hat--and the answers anywhere and every where! Like lace shawls--these hat are at home with denim just a much as with silk--but I think they would be lovely hats for a wedding party, don't you? Think of a bevy or brides maids at a outdoor garden party wedding all decked out in lace hats! (Even the bride should have one--if not for the ceremony, for the reception.)


Virginia G said...

I've actually been thinking about knitting cold food insulator bags for my grocery store runs. I noticed this when I went shopping the other day and packed all my cold food into my backpack underneath my knitting - it was still cold and/or frozen when I got home.

Judy said...

Or a lovely tea party for a group of knitters!

Unknown said...

I already own 2 insulated bags--one is over 15 years old--I've been bring my own bags for awhile--but that's a great idea--double knit, or felted, an homemade insulated shopping bag is a just the thing!