Wednesday, June 29, 2011

White one Done, Terracotta one

Still a work in progress. It's on the longer circular needle, and a few rounds of the brim have been worked—It should be finished tonight.

A good thing, too, because after knitting a half dozen almost identical hats (I have made some minor variations—some have deeper crowns, some shallower, etc) I am finally growing bored.

A short break for the bottle socks, and I'll be ready to do another pair, and then I think I will be done for a while.

Some are going to be given away—not just the terracotta (orange) one to Stephanie, but one to my DIL I think, and one to my sister (if she wants one). Wait let me clarify--I have 3 sisters, D (older than me) G, (younger than me) and M (the youngest) my brother S is wedged between G and M.

G sent me the superfine peachy yarn for my birthday—and while the hat I knit with that yarn is, I think a failure—or perhaps just an 'also ran'--it was a failure that lead me to the successful pattern. And like me, G wears hats.

I've always loved hats, and worn them since I was a teen. Back then, Hats were mandatory for church—a little lace doily, or worse, a large square scarf, folded and tied under your chin or at the back of your neck were scandalous. (Jackie-O helped change that.) But I liked hats all the time, not just for Sunday and church.

I remember the first hat I bought for my self—a bright cherry red velvet hat—in a shape not too different than the sun hat. I was 17 I think, and had bought a grey frock coat for the winter, (a great neutral color I still love) and wanted a bright hat and scarf to go with it. I don't still have the scarf (it was a synthetic, and well at some point, it got tossed) I still have the next year's scarf—an olive green print one. A huge silk square -(my daughter wore it as shawl for her prom 20 years later!) but I don't remember the hat that went with it—but I know I had an olive green hat. Funny how your mind works, isn't? I wore that grey coat a few years—and every year changed the look with a new hat, and scarf and gloves.

For a 3 or 4 years when my kids were young, I wore a bowler—and at other times in my life, I've had other signature hats. Lately--(i.e.,before the G Class Star Sun hat) was wearing baseball type hats. Plain ones. Before that, I had a collection of sun visors (I manage to lose a few but i still have a white, a yellow and pink one)

So my current obsession with these hats is not really anything new—just an other phase in a life long obsession. You can join me--
buy the pattern and knit it up!

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JelliDonut said...

I love your obsessions! And yes, six matching hats is an obsession, but what a great pattern you came up with.