Friday, June 03, 2011

Working On the Brim-

Still more to go—on the way to this point, some came and went.

While putting away the cotton I hauled out to photograph—I FOUND more cotton. 7 skeins of a cotton/rayon blend, (Plymouth's Cario De Luxe) and a bunch of other skeins (2's and 3's) of more mercerized cotton—some of it worsted weight—that I had totally forgotten about.

That's problem with stash, isn't it? Out of sight, out of mind! I could (I might) knit some double open mess grocery type bags with some of this left over (and much of it is left over partial skeins). Last summer I knit a bunch of small scarves and cleaned up odds and end of stash that way. (What do you think? Enough for a mesh bag?)

Not that I need bags—My oldest shopping bag is an insulated one—from 1983. It dates from when I worked at a coupon magazine. In a former life, I put a lot of effort into being a coupon queen—(I still use coupons and shop frugally)—but back in the late 1970's early 1980's—when inflation was rampant—I went all out!

I now have a large collection of heavy plastic (6) and another large collection (6 more!) of cotton/machine washable bags—which are always to be found on the back seat of my car, or in the trunk. Some of the cotton ones are beginning to wear out--(they are 10 or more years old.)

Cotton mesh shopping bags? Not so much my style. But—well I could always change! I suspect if I knit them (and had them) I use them. And if not, I could give them away! To be honest—I have some heavy twill (remnants) that I planned use to make into new cotton bags to replace the old. Well one day, when the beginning to wear out bags actually fail!

I recognize that I hoard yarn—I love it, and I want it, and if I knit it up—it will be gone! I forget that if I knit it up, I will still have it—as scarf, or as a sweater, or vest, or a pair of socks, or something.

But my stash has also had many donations—like those 7 skeins of Cairo De Luxe) I wonder: Is it enough to make a T? Or a Tank? I don't want to make 70% of something—and run out of yarn. There is no more of this yarn around! Knitting with donated stash has its disadvantages. Sure the price is right—but-- will it work out?

At some point I should photograph, and add it to my stash on Ravelry—and see what—if anything—someone else has made—and how many skeins it took. But not today.

Today, a finished brim, and Hat.

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